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Call me AB-MOMMY I am the one you seek. do you seek for ADOPTION , or better still for a relationship with a PRO MOMMY,do you wish to have your fetish life explore, i can diapered and always care for you like your real BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, i offer sessions that are precisely tailored to your needs and desires. I am mindful to provide a scene that will relieve your stress and satisfy your desires. I cater for both men and women of all sexual orientations and gender identities who wish to session with a professional in the area of age-play and diaper fetishism with all Adult baby-sized pacifiers, bottles, rattles, diapers, onesies, bibs, jumpers, booties, plastic pants, rompers,breastfeeding and so forth cost a mint. Add to that the expense of baby powder, lotion, and other sundries, and it really starts to add up. Adult baby furniture is so pricey it makes one's head swim. I invested thousands of dollars to create one. You will never be charged extra for diaper changes, because everything is included. However, do NOT abuse this privilege by trying to mooch take-home diapers or using more than one diaper per hour.with mommy Nursery your Fetish Lifestyle such as Age Regression ,changing both wet and messy diaper, pampered ,Adult Babysitting, Forced Infantilisim , Diaper Punishment , Sissy Baby , Diaper Lover , Furry Play , Authority Figure , Public Outing. Breast-Feeding, Potting, Adult Babysitting, forced regression, humiliation and strict bondage on a crib with chastity and soft punishment . will be taken care off

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14 days ago
Landonleejones added a photo ABMUMMY
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Landonleejones wrote ABMUMMY
Mommy me be bad boy me needs spanking
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15 days ago
ABMUMMY is now friends with zeo2710
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ABMUMMY is now friends with Baby_Tyson
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zeo2710 wrote ABMUMMY
Hi there hehe my name is Marky and I am a sweet and fun loving Little/Baby Boy. I am looking for a Mommy to put me in diapers and love me and take care of me like the wittle Baby I am hehe. If you are interested, pwease let me know through here or you can message me on Tumblr @babyboy1672 or message me in KiK for 'mclark27'. Also my email is [email protected] hehe.
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Babylaura wrote ABMUMMY
Hallo mommy, kik is laura199420 we can talk more mommy
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Backindiapers321 wrote ABMUMMY
I am a lifelong ABDL right here in the Seattle area!
I am professionally educated, pleasant personality, most people enjoy my upbeat humor. I am a sub. You sound like a dream, that hopefully might come true!
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babyrexi wrote ABMUMMY
Hi hies, Mummy, thank you for providing such a nice profile of yourself. I hope we can become good friends. I would like to volunteer to help edit your profile description. Just let me know if you'd like me to help, as i am a writer and editor and noticed some mistakes you may wish to have corrected at some point. I think people are attracted to better writing and you may find you get more potential clients that way. Just let me know. Hope to chat soon!
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SexyBoy77 wrote ABMUMMY
i love to be breastfeed day and all night long thats makes me so calm,relax and very happy best thing ever in hole world =)
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