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I am big/caregiver searching for an AB little, or a middle who loves to wear diapers. While I haven't had an opportunity to care for somebody before, the idea of having someone to dote on is something i've thought about for a long time. I made a Tumblr account a while ago and couldn't believe how many adorable little blogs there are, and I never thought i'd see the day when there would be entire conventions for ABDL fans (such as CAPCon). Unfortunately all of these fun people and events are many miles away from me, as I live in ultra-conservative Utah.

 I strive for the kind of relationship I read about in these blogs; I want to brush hair and run baths and cook dinners and read storybooks and hold the bottle and change diapers. I hope for the kind of little who is smol and sweet, who either needs to often cling to me for support or can be free and independent but still leans on me when times get tough. We could share a floofy blanket and watch our favorite little shows and Disney movies on the couch, plan sleepovers with your friends, and spend lots of time bonding together.

 It would be great to come home from work after an irritating and draining day, and after a big squeeze and a smooch from you, completely forget what I was upset about. Whenever we were out in public, i'd make sure we hold hands (because littles are always dashing around and I don't want you running into busy traffic) or make sure you didn't wander out of arm's reach. I'd like to see my little super excited when we get a new toy or stuffed animal, and beam when I say how cute you are. I want to order for you in a restaurant, and request a coloring page to keep you busy while we waited. We'd bring a fully stocked diaper bag with us whenever we went out, just in case.

 And often i'd like to tug your waistband to see if you're wet, even if you aren't wearing diapers (can never be too sure). I want to take a thing out of your hands and say "Nooo, you're too little to do that, let me do it." I'd like to have us attempt potty training and succeed at first, but I know eventually you'd come to me with wet pants and we'd have to start all over again. I'd like my little to tell me how much you LOVE your diapers and how much you NEED to wear them, and alternate between teasing you for being such a naughty diaper soaker or praising you for being such a good tinkle dolly. I want to hold you in my lap and rub your back and pat your crinkly bottom, telling you how much I love you even if you're not ready for the whole potty training thing yet. Or if you're a middle, i'd like to be busy in the kitchen or on the computer and feel you sheepishly tug my sleeve and ask if I can help you change into a fresh dry diaper.

 I want to cheer you up when you're sad, give you lots of hugs and affection when you need it. If my little just wants to grump today, then we'll hold hands and grump together. If my little isn't verbal and just clings to me, then i'll find out what you want whether it's food or a nap or just some attention. I want you to show me a rude proposition someone sends you on your blog or a pitiful attempt at being a hater so we can both laugh at how pathetic it is. And if we're separated by work or daily life, we could send short messages just to assure ourselves we're on each other's minds. It would be great to meet other caregivers and socialize together while our littles played in their playpen or room, or plan on attending a convention together to meet even more friends who we didn't see very often.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions or want to get to know me better, but please make an attempt to use punctuation and spell in complete sentences. (This site has Spellcheck after all.) Also, please don't have an empty profile if you decide to talk with me so that I can read a little bit about you as well.

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