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My kik is kaylebuggy2. My name is kayle, Nickname is kayle bug or buggy. Im an adult baby at the age 2. My adult side is 28. I live in NJ. Im looking for a daddy. Location dose not matter. I lovw being little Hate it if you want but it's who i am and im not afaird to be myself. I can talk, Laugh, and cry like a real baby. The baby voice i do will melt your heart. I have been into this going on 14 years and i go the whole 9 yards with it. I'm 50/50 good n bratty lol. No baby is always good or always bad so im both. I love bring that way cause it makes it more real. I use bottles and binkies, and teething rings. I wanna be put in a crib and feed in a highchair. From my pictures you can tell i like playing at the playground. I love having ab pictures taking of me. I like both baby food and adult food, since only baby food it not healthy. In my bottle i love warm milk at night, and apple juice and some other fruit juices during the day. I love being burped after a bottle feeding. I love being held n sometimes carried around. Most of all i like cuddling and being snuggled. I love being read stories on the phone and in person while i sit on someones lap as they point to the pictures. I love playing with baby toys. My favorite stuffed animals are harley, flounder, and elli. My favortie things in the world are by baby blankets my bunkers. I love wearing diapers and love being changed. I love bubble baths and disney bath toys that squirt water. Being dried off put in a diaper and a warm footed sleeper after a bath time for a movie and baba is awsome. I hate nap time so good luck, but i do love being sung to or a lullaby playing in the background. Just note i am scared of the dark and bedtime monsters. I love coloring and drawing pictures. I hope when i color pictures you will wanna put them up on the fridge. I love car rides and having a daddy that points things out along the way, One that will sing funny songs and make animal sounds and other funny things. I love going to toy stores and to get new stuffed animals but i love it more when you dont tell me where going and when we get there my face lights up. I want a full out nursery someday. I do not mind a online daddy at first but i would like to make it real in person. Just so we are clear do to a few bad times in my past as an adult this is not sexual for me or a turn on for me no ifs ands or buts. It's more of a comfort and a safe haven for me. I love every minute of it and would not trade it for the world. I feel in my heart that i was born to do this like it's in my blood, it's who i am and i know i will be this way for a long time. I love pbs kids my 2 favorite shows are arthur and caillou. I am big fans of disney movies and going to see there shows on ice. I'm big into disney plushies and ones from build a bear. When i get cranky or tired i like holding my stuffed animals and having my diapered butt patted till i fall asleep. Like any real ab i have tantrums to but they are really cute. As punishments i want spankings over the diaper only and timeouts. I love going out to munchies or playdates. Im looking for a daddy to do all this with. I also would not mind a mommy or siblins if that ever came up. Please remember again that im completly non sexual. If your a newbie mom or dad thats ok i can teach u the ropes and make you a pro. If your not a big fan of dirty diapers just say so and i will understand and only do number one. Even though im into being an ab i am very good at switching it off when needed to be an adult. Besides my ab side i like sports, movies, shopping. I love all types of music and with music comes singing and dancing. Arts and crafts.  Im into photography. I love traveling. 

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Jerman1968 wrote Adultbabygirl2318
I just joined this site yesterday. Your description is one of the best so far! Well done.
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Ameel wrote Adultbabygirl2318
OMG my dream is the same as yours I would love to be your daddy would you be my mommy? I have a secure income and don't have to work. Let's talk about furnishings.
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Mdboy wrote Adultbabygirl2318
Hi beautiful
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wetmessydiaper wrote Adultbabygirl2318
Hi there beautiful. How are u doing. Would love talk to u
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Adultbabygirl2318 info
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