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Their is a straight single virgin baby boy with memory loss that has never had a biological mother of his own before as he is a Orphan and been on his own now for 37 years and now up for Adoption if any mothers want to clam him.  I act as a new born lost of my time as I sleep most of the day and night away plus in that time I have to change myself four times and that's a job for a mommy. I eat Heinz baby food for a two month old and the snacks also up to the age of 18 months and then back down again, I also drink baby formulas for new born babies to age 18 months from a normal baby bottle. I have to wear nappies / diaper's 24/7 like a baby and dose the same things in them as a real normal baby dose. I am not scared to go out in public as a baby as I do fell alone most of the time, I always take my changing bag outwith me and people see that I'm wearing  DIAPER or a NAPPY on and some times it's wet and smelly and people still walk past grinning to them self's.. As all I am to myself is a helpless baby boy that lives a lone all the time and dose not have friends because I'm a baby and wanting a mommy to care for me as her real normal baby and she can care for me and do things with me as mothers do with their real normal babies.

If their is a real honest kind caring mother out their wanting to own a baby boy as there real natural baby please think about me and don't forget about me if you know someone that is looking for a baby like me.

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I am a single virgin baby boy with some problems as I have some memory loss, dear in one ear, my speech is not good, and have some scared on my body. I have not had a real mother off my own as my mother was a teen that have me up for adoption and I never g
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I bet I can get lots of mother or mommies writing to me for money than a baby as on here there are a lot that want more money than a baby and some on here just want a baby that they can have forever. I have been in places like this that want me to send mon
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Hi To all Mommies and mothers To all that would like to have me as your true baby boy as you may only feed me Heinz baby food's and snacks not adult foods. Plus if you want's to bond more with your baby by breastfeeding or just want's to use baby formula i
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To all mothers that like adult babies. I am a sweet orphan baby boy that has memory loss and I am still a virgin as I have never found anyone to love me as what I am, I have been in hospital most of my time and been kept on the baby ward as I am a baby tha
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