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I'm not actually an ABDL but I think guys who wear diapers are cute. I'm an ABDL lover. Can I adopt an adorable adult baby?

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ice1992 wrote AsianMomma
Hello mommy how are you doing today 

My name Is nicholas Aaron Ice iam very fun lovable person& I am very down to earth guy I am one of one of a kind I am extremely nice guy &I' am very handsome & I am very open mind I'll let u change my diapers anytime u what u to i down with this kink lifestyle &I want to be your best friend maybe if all work's between us here & I cool with switch roles with u. My favorite diapers is large dry Pampers. I am down to meet in person any time with u... see more my honey & i am down to friendship or dating & I'll u bottle feed & playing with u my friend I am down to be yours anytime I will accept u just the you my girlfriend & a baby & we can take a bath together &after we can cuddle together then have & I'll let u treat me like a adultbaby if I am bad adultbaby I'll let you spank my bottom p.s. if ur seriously interested contact me and u can chat me add me on kik I am babynicky92  or diapered1992 and 15732402483.
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ice1992 wrote AsianMomma
hello mama I love dressing up and wearing diapers I am here for someone to share the lifestyle and I am looking to start a serious relationship with you and more and I let u diaper me hit me up on Skype [email protected]
kik diapered1992
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diaperedalways wrote AsianMomma
Good morning ma'am, 42, diapered slave from Malaysia. Interested to chat ma'am
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bastan39 wrote AsianMomma
Hello from Indonesia :)
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tommie2 wrote AsianMomma
Oh mommy yes. I'm tommie. I love being a lill baby.
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ice1992 wrote AsianMomma
Mommy Will u adopte me my name is Nicholas Aaron Ice and I am age 25 I am living in eldon Missouri. I am submissve baby I enjoy have my diaperchanged and I like playing toys and color and I love be breastfeed or bottle feed and Iike take baths I hope can a bath with u mommy and I am very Good adult Babyboy. Here is mycell phone 1(573)-480-4121) my gmail is nicholasice68(at)g-(mail).com or u can yahoo me at ice.nicholas(at)y-(ahoo).com
please contact me. Iam seriously interested in u and ur... see more hottest woman here I love u Mommy am looking for mommy who will dominate me and takecare as son. I love u xxx&ooo for u mommy.I will go any where mommy go's and I'll wear my diaper like a good baby boy. I'll change ur diapers my babygirl and we can have diapers sex together and cuddle up together in diapers k-I-c-k- (baby-nicky92 )I am ur submissive baby doll
I'll let u dress me up as ur baby boy or baby girl and I will let you spank me and diaperme and breast feed me as ur infant baby boy I'll crawl into ur arms mommy I want to cuddle up with you and I will change ur diapers and treat you as mybaby girlfriend I want a relationship with you baby girl
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nznappyboy wrote AsianMomma
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AsianMomma is now friends with rob281182
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AsianMomma added new photo
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