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Hi! As you can see, I need to protect my secret identity. So I don't post my face on ABDL sites. Diapered and daring, I seek to do good for the whole ABDL community. I stand not only for truth and justice for ABDLs, but strive to achieve their acceptance by the rest of society. Don't believe it can happen? Well, there have been many crazy ideas throughout history that have become the norm. I believe diapers can become the norm. That's the goal. Friend to all.

My ABDL Life: Myself, I’m mostly DL. I’ve tried a little AB stuff a time or two and have been a little interested, but for the most part I keep it DL. I both wet and mess my diapers; I really like diapers. I am not into punishments (e.g. spankings) or any form of submission. Sorry, it’s just not me. Even though I am mostly DL, I think if I had to say what my little age, it would be 3.

Diaper Preferences: Disposable. Both plastic and cloth backing with side tabs. Adult size only; no baby diapers. My favorite brand is ABUniverse

More About Me: Iraq War Veteran. I am a straight guy who is only into women, but if your LGBT, I’m cool with that. We can still be friends, just friends. I love interfaith; so all walks of like are welcome in my book; live and let live. I am into history, geography and philosophy and a huge sports fan. I believe love all, hate nobody and wish nothing but good and well-being for all humanity.

#ABDL #DiaperPower #DiaperPride #DiaperTime #ForeverInDiapers #DiaperedAndProud #DiapersAreTheNorm

Twitter: @BabymanTweets  

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12 days ago
Baby_Man wrote
If one doesn't want to wear a diaper because he/she sits in his/her own waste, how do he/she explain wanting to use a porta-potty by sitting in the waste of others?
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Baby_Man wrote
If it doesn't make sense to wait and go hungry with food available, why does it make sense to wait for a toilet and suffer when you gotta go with a diaper available?
12 days ago 0 likes 0 comments 0 comments
Baby_Man wrote
When you gotta go, you gotta go. So why wait for a toilet? A diaper makes more sense.
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23 days ago
Baby_Man wrote
There goes the morning coffee
04.05.2017 0 likes 0 comments 0 comments
Baby_Man wrote
Going to by some printable stickers and make my own diaper tapes. Pics coming soon
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Baby_Man is now friends with Jwet
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Baby_Man wrote
Diaper Power! I don't submit to a toilet by searching for it, finding it and sitting at it's fixed position all at it's mercy. I carry my toilet, I wear my toilet and I use it anywhere at my will. The Freedom of Diapers!
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Baby_Man is now friends with bearboy99
Ah the sweet wet and wildness of the season... Staying diapered and having a blast.
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Baby_Man added new blog post

I was in my car with a friend one morning and we were talking about the disgusting nature of public toilets. He does not know I'm a DL, but just to get a hint of what his attitude might be, I said, as we were talking about port-a-poties, "Honestly, I'd rat
03.19.2017 1 likes 2 comments 2 comments
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