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Hi! As you can see, I need to protect my secret identity. So I don't post my face on ABDL sites. Diapered and daring, I seek to do good for the whole ABDL community. I stand not only for truth and justice for ABDLs, but strive to achieve their acceptance by the rest of society. Don't believe it can happen? Well, there have been many crazy ideas throughout history that have become the norm. I believe diapers can become the norm. That's the goal. Friend to all.

My ABDL Life: Myself, I’m mostly DL. I’ve tried a little AB stuff a time or two and have been a little interested, but for the most part I keep it DL. I both wet and mess my diapers; I really like diapers. I am not into punishments (e.g. spankings) or any form of submission. Sorry, it’s just not me. Even though I am mostly DL, I think if I had to say what my little age, it would be 3. Just beginning to take an interest in becoming a BabyFur or DiaperFur.

Diaper Preferences: Disposable. Both plastic and cloth backing with side tabs. Adult size only; no baby diapers. My favorite brand is ABUniverse

More About Me: Iraq War Veteran. I am a straight guy who is only into women, but if your LGBT, I’m cool with that. We can still be friends, just friends. I love interfaith; so all walks of like are welcome in my book; live and let live. I am into history, geography and philosophy and a huge sports fan. I believe love all, hate nobody and wish nothing but good and well-being for all humanity.

#ABDL #DiaperPower #DiaperPride #DiaperTime #ForeverInDiapers #DiaperedAndProud #DiapersAreTheNorm

Twitter: @BabymanTweets  

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Just like diapers, some things need to be changed. The idea behind my user name, Baby Man, was that I'd be part baby and part adult. After all, the term is not Adult Baby without both components. I also wanted to portray myself as someone who stands for th
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Baby_Man wrote
Wallowing around my home in a wet and messy diaper not yet caring for a change
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Baby_Man wrote
Check out what I found on YouTube
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Baby_Man wrote
With all these trolls giving my profile a low rating, it's time to respond. I will visit the profiles of all who friended me and give them all a 5 star rating. It's time for some more love around here
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Baby_Man wrote
D.D.D. - noun: Abbreviation for "Dirty Diaper Denial." Nicknamed "Triple 'D'" it is denial by an ABDL to pooping their diaper
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Baby_Man info
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Baby_Man wrote
Started today with 3 messy diapers. I'm a pooping machine today
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Baby_Man wrote
I think It's time I join Furry Fandom. Anyone want to make a Babyfur or Diaperfur character for me? If anyone's interested, I will blog a description of what I want.
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Baby_Man wrote
For an ABDL, being a party pooper isn't really a bad thing. Get it?
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looking for abdl big brother
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