I just want to be a good baby for mommy and make her happy.

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I have been an adult baby for almost my entire life. It wasn't something I chose to be, but rather something I slowly discovered I was. It took a long time but I eventually understood that it was a permanent part of my emotional make up and therefore needed to be accepted rather than ignored or dismissed. Over the years of exploring my baby side, I also discovered the amazing intimacy and pleasures of adult breastfeeding. I'm sure that either lifestyle separately would make me a very happy man, but why shouldn't I have both? Like most adult baby boys, I'd love to meet that one special mommy who truly wants to live such a lifestyle as much as I do. I would compliment and complete her life, as she would compliment and complete mine. As much as is possible within the confines of a responsible adult life, we would both live, develop and cherish that amazingly special bond between a mommy and her baby.

When I am not in baby mode, I'm just an average single guy, just trying to keep up with life as usual. I have a good job, a house, a few good friends and a cat for company. I don't have tons of spare time but I like to ride my motorcycle when I have the chance. I'll probably be selling it soon though. It's time to move on to a boat.

PS - Got the boat. :)


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10 days ago
meetmiss01 wrote Babyathome

Hi, I am a dominant woman interested in meeting a sexually submissive male,slaves and sissy with like minds, someone interested in pushing their limits within reasonable boundaries . I am a 36 years old woman with a fairly normal life , separated and not looking to change that or change your situation at home . I hope you share with me some of your innermost kinky desires,are you ready to be under me . I would like to be your GODDESS ,humiliate , tease , mold and train see more don't deserve me , just count yourself lucky to be considered, to proceed with me send me your email address to start with [email protected]
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Babyathome info
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niceguy12 wrote Babyathome
Hello my name is hamel, i will like to establish friendship with you, Please reply me back through my email address if you are interested so that i will give you more of my pictures and tell you more about me.

[email protected]

Your new friend Hamel.
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I just want to be a good baby for mommy and make her happy.
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