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I really like being a Mommy to some little boy or little girl...especially ones that have been naughty! Who needs to be spanked? ;)

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2 days ago
BbMommy added new blog post

I was looking at some of the gorgeous adult pacifiers on different sites, and started wondering what kind of pacifiers the babies like. Plain, sparkly, brightly colored? Do you have a favorite nipple? :)
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7 days ago
Backindiapers321 wrote BbMommy
You are my teacher, who just handed out my report card.
"You failed the 6th grade!" As I promised, anyone who failed gets put back into diapers and rubberpants until they pass..and that, for you, is a year least! You grab me by my wrist and lead me to the "failing room."
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18 days ago
BbMommy commented on a blog post
This is an old post, but it looks like people are still taking a look at it. How about spanking your bottom till it's sore and swollen, then making you sit in the corner without diaper, and can't get up until you wet yourself?

As is often the case with "live blogged" punishments, I've been told to ask for suggestions from the crowd. Please try to keep suggestions sane. I can't be walking around my neighbourhood in just a diaper or something like that - though most other things a
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21 days ago
babypup77 wrote BbMommy
a strict Mommy/Daddy is what is required i believe with us a/b's,i try to be good boy but sometimes need Mommies guiding hand,thank You so much for taking the time to message me,i would love to get the chance to talk to You more,and please feel free to ask me ANYTHING that You wish,there is no question that is offside to me or that will offend me,ive spent much of my life living in reals as an a/b (or a puppy) 24/7/365 and is something that i take very seriously as it is a huge part of who i am,that... see more being said i try to make it just as fun and fulfilling to be my Mommy as it is for me to have a i look forward to talking with You more and i hope that mabey this could be the start of something very fulfilling for both of us as once i find the right counterpart to my little self,im very loyal,obedient and give the love and care i receive back to my caregiver ten fold (or try to anyway) but being a little to me is about much more than a quick sexual thrill as that is allmost a/b's are looking for,i DO REALIZE that there is much much more to it than that in a real Mommy/baby relationship
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29 days ago
BbMommy commented on a blog post
65, Mommy Janey? He was a very bad boy, then!

How Dare You peek into mommy's panty drawer ! You dirty little adult baby boy! now get over here and take down your diaper and I am going to give you 65 bare bottom spankings. I wanna hear you count out loud for each one of them too! under stand me? This b
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lilsnyder wrote BbMommy
I bet I could use a good spanking or two. Lol
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Ken001 wrote BbMommy
Like your page! Ken
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Hah! I figured this thing out. I'm not a total moron!
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