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Male ABDL in mid twenties, gay, looking for new friends, and hopefully something more. I'm somewhat sceptical about this site actually working when it comes to finding love, but hey, you can't win the lottery by not playing, can you? And before you ask, yes. I am a furry. If that's not your thing, be mature, and either walk on, or get to know me anyway, your choice.

Personality wise, I'm a kind, caring, shy, friendly person and I'm not judgemental (If I were, I wouldn't be here). I'm very intelligent, and am capable of holding a conversation for an extended period of time, about all kinds of topics, both ABDL and non- ABDL related.

Moving onto humour, I must warn you, that my sense of humour is all shades of dark, twisted, silly and random. Nothing is safe from me. Having said that, I can adjust my humour levels accordingly, depending on who I'm around. I may love offensive humour, but the LAST thing I want to do is offend people. (Which is the very definition of irony, I know)

If you wish to get to know me, and would like to know more about me, beyond what's listed here, by all means, say hi! :D But please, don't message me, if all you want to ask me is if I'm diapered, or what kind of diaper I'm wearing. It's rather off-putting when you try to socialise with someone, and they have no real interest in you, other than what's strapped around your waist. And also, don't send me greeting notifications, I will ignore them. If you're going to put that little effort into getting to know me, I'm going to put the same amount of effort into replying back. PM me, or send me a message through the mailbox, if you wish to talk to me. Also, if I don't respond, it's nothing personal. There are some days where I don't feel like talking, and others where I do.

If you wish to know what I look like, please note that I'm rather camera shy, and it may take some time for me to warm up to you. 

Also, any and all art i upload here is art of my personal fursona that I have commissioned. (Just in case anyone decides to give me grief for that.) And I'd appreciate it if you didn't just take it and use it (Like I've seen with other art on this site.) People pay good money to have their sonas drawn, and it is theft of intellectual property. 

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This is one of the most frequently stolen pieces of art within the diaperfur community. 

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30 days ago
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I have doubts that this art is yours. 

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Definitely NOT an advertisement :P

Adult incontinence can happen to anybody and affects 200 million people worldwide.1 Due to the stigma attached to it, it can make people feel embarrassed and anxious. Many people that are affected use various coping methods, such as Kegel exercises, hydrat
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