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Hey, Im Brandon. 26 years old! I live in South Charlotte , in a nice area. I am seeking a relationship with a beautiful female, with a positive attitude. Thinks I enjoy include, fast cars, motocross, listening to music loud, having a few beers, going to the beach with friends and family, vacations to interesting places, Shopping, watching tv series, playing video games, finding events in the city, and more. I like to wear diapers a few times a week and its fun and enjoyable ;)


Im looking for a girl who is fun to be around and has a positive respectful attitude, has a stable job, Chemistry between us is important. Age a few years ahead or behind is perfered. Likes to be in diapers and watch tv and cuddle. A kinky girl who likes to have fun. Someone who doesnt do drugs is a must. :p


Im not weird like 90% of the guys on here lol, im pretty chill guy lookin for a girl in my area to hangout and see if im compatible with..messege me if you want. 

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  • Very pretty. Beautiful eyes. Great lighting on the photo :]
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