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United States
Saint Albans
Looking For

What i'm looking for:

A Diaper girl that loves to have sexual relations with, and or around Diapers. Including; Wearing Diapers, Masturbating with Diapers, Sex in Diapers, Sex with toys in Diapers, Diaper Changes. 


What I'm not looking for:

Baby girl/boy that needs a Mommy, or Daddy.


About ME: Sorry, I'm straight!

I put my 3 P's on the same way like any("other girl.")one else. As you may of guessed, I am a CD/DL. My skinny butt enjoys Cross-dressing and  I Love Classic("Plastic Backed") Diapers.

I'm looking for a Woman(Girl-Female). 21+(of Age). Petite to Medium build. Non Smoker!

Sorry, I'm not really looking for a Mommy but, I wouldn't mind being changed. I do like to cuddle, and having kinky sex("I love eating cream filled tacos in Lingerie and or a Diaper"). I'm OKAY with a Woman("Girl") being incontinent. I'm into water sports so, If you're incontinent, I'm totally okay with it. 

I'm a Transvestite Diaper boy(girl). I love lingerie. I prefer girlie girls.

Turn offs:I DON'T CARE for  Liars, Cheaters, Backstabbers, or Men!


If you want to know more info you can check out my sites.



Shemale Diaper Girlie girls are ok. Really pretty she-males can be very sexy. Only if, and when the Shemale Diaper girlie girl lives, and only looks like a girl 24/7. Including, but not limited too Adam's apple removal, facial Hair removal, natural A/B breasts, waxed legs 24/7, trimmed pelvis area, bleached ass, with extremely tasty cum, and must be on female hormones, doesn't sound like a man, under 5' foot 6", and also under 110lbs. This would be the only way I would get with a shemale. If you're not one of these. DON'T BOTHER!

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