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Is anyone interested in a real time daddy/daughter sub/dom relationship/roleplay? I am looking for a loving gentle, but firm and dominating Daddy to control my life... Basically, I want a relationship with someone, who will be my online Daddy. This person will give me orders via email/chat about what he wants me to do every day. I''ll wear a diaper full time, and use it, and only change myself when he allows me to... Not looking for any real life meetings or anything yet, but maybe we could see where things went online...

Below is a list of what I like and dislike to give you an idea of what I''m looking for... If this sounds like fun to you, just pm me:)

What I do want! (If my Daddy tells me:)
I will, go buy any kind of baby supply that Daddy tells me to, such as diapers, pacifier, bottle, diaper cream, etc...
I want my Daddy to control my life as much as possible, telling me what to eat, or when to nap, have a diaper change, play, or take a bath... I can give you my weekly schedule, so you''ll know just what I am doing at all times:) (I would love it if you gave me instructions throughout the day, filling my day with things for your baby to do, telling me when to do them and how)
I want my diaper changes to be fully your responsibility. I don''t want to ever be able to change my own diaper without you telling me I can. This means that if you aren''t going to be able to contact me for a day or more, please just tell me so I won''t have to wait around for you in my messy diapers and have you not come back until much later. If it pleases you to put me to bed with a wet or even a messy diaper, I''m alright with that too, just please always change me first thing in the morning.
I don''t mind peeing and pooping in my diaper in public, if I can do it without anyone noticing. Like if I told you I had to poop and you told me that you were taking me to play at the park, and make me go to the park and lay down on a blanket and let it go. I would do it for you...
I don''t mind doing pee play, if you would like that. As far as poop goes, I''ll leave that up to you... ?If you set up a good scenario for me, for example, if I had diaper rash so you were letting me crawl around without a diaper, and I pooped and then got it smeared all over myself, and you had to clean me up... I would do that, since it''s something a baby would do.
I''ve never really experimented with anything anal much, but I''m willing to try if my Daddy commands it. (Like if I''m feeling bad that day, you could have me take my temperature with a rectal thermometer, etc...)
I like the idea of me being emotionally open to you, like any baby, if I have a terrible day I want to be able to count on my Daddy pick me up and hold me and make all the scary monster go away:)
I want you to discipline me when I''m naughty:) This could include, forced hot shower spankings, (Like the one I gave myself the other day) or having my mouth washed out with soap. If I''m extra naughty you could make me take off my diaper and ?spank my bottom as hard as I can until I cry, pretending it was you spanking me. (I think I could do this if I was forced:) But afterward I hope you would comfort me and hold me telling me that you loved your baby girl... You could also make me put something inside of me and not take it out until you tell me I can... Anything like that really, I love it when you are creative:)
I''m pretty firm on the things I don''t want, but on the rest, if you don''t like some of those ideas, that''s perfectly fine! And I hope you will have lots of other ideas too! You are my Daddy so you make the rules:)
Other than that, I can''t think of anything I wouldn''t do for you Daddy if you told me to, and I promise to obey, and give you details and tell you all about it:)

What I don''t want:
I won''t involve anyone else. Like publicly letting anyone know that I''m wearing a diaper etc...
I don''t want things between my Daddy and me to become sexual. But I like the idea of you controlling my sexuality. Like telling me to touch myself as a special treat for being extra good some days, etc... Other than at your command, I promise to not touch myself. You must be in charge of that. If I do accidently, I promise to confess it to you, and you should punish me... Since I am just a baby,?I don''t know anything about sex, and?I can of course go about naked around my Daddy. You can put your fingers in my diaper to check if I am wet at any time etc... I would like it if you gave me a bath and wouldn''t mind if you took off your clothes and climbed in with me to better wash your baby:)
Please don''t ask me for photos or for web cam sessions, or my cell number. I''m still on my parents plan, and I they could see a record of my activity. I also just have a policy that I don''t want to put photos of myself out online like that. I hope you understand...
<3 Your baby, Haley

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