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Brief About Me:   Geeky dude with autism (...or aspergers..or whatever they're officially calling it these days). Could probably say, in alota ways, I have the mental age of a 13 yo. Proud Omega Male. I stand up for the bullied underdogs of society and not the socially/genetically blessed and sociopathic go-getters. Other than all that I like to just enjoy what life has to offer and do what I can where I can. Life is fleeting, make it count, and if it's not, make it coun't anyway!

General Interests and Stuff I like:  the ocean, boats, animals, sharks, birds, nature, deserts, bushwalking, owls, space, stargazing, cosplay, archery, the paranormal

AB/DL:  DL mostly

Looking For/Dreaming Of:  A woman with a diaper fetish or general diaper interest, or AB that doesn't mind that i'm personally a sexual dl...

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WHAT?....It's illegal to PAY for sex?......Lol. Ah yes, outbreeding the incels by banning them from from services they can't even get without money. Apparently Nazi Germany tried a similar thing. Is this "survival of the best and fittest only" thing gonna last for many more centuries?

Ok come on guys I been talking with some guys not saying names but I'm tired of always getting the nasty bs about your diaper is warm and I'm gonna shove it your face and demanding shit I'm tired and you guys need to go some were else because you sound  li
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Annnd the raters at it again.....Whoever they are...Will I ever know? Probably not, that sucks. oh well. :P

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