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I have plenty of room for a few more babies, and I would love to be your new Mommy!? Now, having so many babies means I do have to be strict, but I also want o make sure you are happy, well-fed, bathed, and clean.? I use disposables, as well as cloth diapers.? When I use cloth diapers, I also have plastic pants and fleece diaper covers.


I do love to potty train little boys and girls, though, but I am strict about that, too.? Those who have too many accidents get put back in diapers for another day, soon, but not too soon.? I want to make sure that you are ready to be potty trained.? There''''s no point in dirtying up little pairs of underwear just because someone isn''''t ready to be in big girl or big boy pants.


But here, I will write different things, from stories I write up for you, to what happens when Mommy interacts with her babies.? Yes, if I write about you, I will tell you first, and if you want, I will change your name.

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babylamou wrote DearSweetMommy
Hi sweet mommy
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SexyBoy77 wrote DearSweetMommy
I love suckle on mommies breasts for many hours every day nothing make me happy
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BabyB_123 wrote DearSweetMommy
Would wove to chat sometime
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