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l''m a very cool, popular, desirable, and straight guy who is in diapers 24/7. My life is fun and very active ... being into music and acoustic stringed instruments. I am a totally healthy, normal SWM who has always had accidents (which is a common thing which I''m perfectly fine with) so I''ve had to wear diapers all my life for protection ... and I am comfortably open and fine with wearing having to wear them. At and around home I wear cloth diapers and plastic pants -- and I have a complete (adult size) baby layette and a nice wardrobe of clothes that are practical, comfortable, fun to run around in, plus, are the only things that give me room enough for my bulky gauze diapers and plastic pants ... plus they''re the best things for playing in. Pacifiers, and baby bottles are OK too. I want to find my best friend and partner who likes these things about her boy. I want to network for friendship and support with others who share my lifestyle interests ... already have several friends the same ... and am also seeking a nice girl to build a relationship to share with. My ideal partner is lightweight, healthy, flat/small chested, has a nice personality, will be supportive of me ... so we can share fun times and enjoy a quality lifestyle with each other. Disclaimer: I am intersested in, and seeking a relationship/ friendship only with natural gendered and relatively normal people. I may, however, decide to accept friend requests from select males ... but only depending on their purpose, which must be legitimate.. I don''t mean to offend anyone ... and I realize that we are all humans with differrent tastes ... but so many people choose to misrepresent themselves on social networking sites such as these. Respectfully with that being said, if you fall into that catagory yourself, are into sissy, gay, transgender, transvestite, ... etc, then I am not the person you are looking for - or would want to have as a friend.
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