I did come back from vacation nowwww :D :D :D

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I am not really sure what to say here other than I am a little girl who wuves being a sweet little baby.I did wear diapees for 6 years and they make me feel so cute and pretty, safe and snug.?I am looking for a mommy, being 100% honest I am a mommies girl, who wuvs to cuddle and suck on mommys breasts and faww asweep in mommys lapie. I wuveee sucking on my paci and being in nothing but my diaper, panties, and comefy sweater. Just send me a message, diaperbabygirl4 at yahoo.com and we can chat, I do not have a web cam so do not ask pweeze, and I do not send photos to strangers. I wike to use my diapees for both peepee and poopy, cinderella is my favorite princess, and I wike so much to be so pretty wike her heheehehee. I make pwitty colors with my crayons and wuv to pway with blocks. I wike oatmeal wiff banana?in the morning and go for ride in stroller in parkie in sunny day.

Bambinos diapees is my bestest diapee :D.

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