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Italian, Norse, Native American Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes 5'' 8" 145 lbs Athletic Build (I''ll have a pic up soon) Mostly I am a normal guy, I work a 9-5 in a corporate office, and wear a suite :) but I love my job and I am great at it. On my downtime I am out searching for a new adventure. I am an avid rock climber, hiker, cliff diver, break dancer, snowboarder, club hopper, adrenaline junky. At the same time I spend a lot of time meditating, reading, and writing. Sometimes you just need to relax. I have been wearing and/or interested since as far back as I can remember and have introduced many girls to diapers. Most of them were very open to the idea, and learned to love playing with me...the most fun is when they wear too. Honestly, I am an adaptive lover, and I have tried absolutely everything I could to please a women...which has turned out to be a lot more than I thought I would ever do. Of course my personal fav. is messy girls, but I''''ll do almost anything for a girl, especially while I am diapered. It is great to be messy and have a girl make me go down on her before I can be changed.
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