~ its 0FICIAL! i am OUT of INDY and with MY DADDY!!! :) :) :) :) i will be offline for a week or so until i get things sorted, i should have some PICs to post soon! ;)

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If only you would take my hand
I could show you my magic land
A place of eternal springtime
This is someplace uniquely mine

My Daddy''s lap is always there
Safe and warm to banish fear
And when I fall and scrape my knee
My Daddy always comforts me

Pooh Bear and I can play
Till darkness overtakes the day
When bedtime comes I know I''ll see
A baby''s crib awaiting me

My Daddy pins my diaper on
I know he loves his little one?
Then on his lap with Dr. Seuss
Nursery rhymes and Mother Goose

I suck my thumb and close my eyes
Daddy looks at me and smiles
Softly kissing my forehead
He gently tucks me into bed

And if I waken in the night
Cold and wet and filled with fright
My Daddy is there to ease my fears
And wipe away my little tears

He brings my bottle of warm milk
And with a touch as soft as silk
My diaper is changed and soon I''m dry
While Daddy sings a lullaby

My magic land I know I''ll keep
As Daddy rocks me back to sleep

Now if my hand you cannot take
And if my land you would forsake
Judge not so harshly such as I
For fear my magic land would die

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