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i live!!! i 100% forgot i was even on this site~~~



i'm asexual~ so there is to be no sexual anything in my roleplay

I am looking for a SERIOUS daddy in the Hamilton Burlington area , i am looking for a daddy who will make sure toilets are locked so are not to be used except by him and guests when over, a daddy who will 100% make sure his baby girl is diapered all the time and use for intended purposes .

i enjoy everything that has to do with regression, bottles pacifiers cribs the whole nine yards.I do enjoy going outside as a baby so long as the law is respected. I am into this 100% , i wish to be an infant - 2 years old nap time would be neat on weekend when i'm not working.

I very much enjoy a dad who talks to me like a baby and when regressed i prefer he not use too many big words lol

i am 26 still living at home though! if i can find the right guy and things go great i'm more then willing to get a place together since i really need out of here.

If your a daddy who is just looking for a baby then i'm your girl i'm quiet i can be a tad hyper i do have a learning disability ADHD so i'm already kid like xD and easily distracted i'm into almost all baby cartoons cept for Dora..dislike the dora so much

i love anime, i do animal portraits in my spare time and i have a job its not much of one but its there xD. i'm a little on the chubby side but i'm hoping to be able to afford a gym pass over in my area . i love pets i have 3 cats and 1 dog , 1 cat will be coming with me when i move out of here.

I do enjoy to be forced into certain things like spoon fed jars of yucky baby food and 2 bottles , etc

i am 100% NOT INTO THIS FOR SEXUAL PURPOSES i want nothing to do with the kinky side of this fetish or... anything kinky even when i'm my real age

Lol ok guys .. you NEED to be in canada! xD i don't do online rp's i can't stand that

lol if your not in my area or willing to come to me XD then don't message me you silly gooses

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babypup77 wrote Dominnate_me86
a strict Mommy/Daddy is what is required i believe with us a/b's,i try to be good boy but sometimes need Mommies guiding hand,thank You so much for taking the time to message me,i would love to get the chance to talk to You more,and please feel free to ask me ANYTHING that You wish,there is no question that is offside to me or that will offend me,ive spent much of my life living in reals as an a/b (or a puppy) 24/7/365 and is something that i take very seriously as it is a huge part of who i am,that... see more being said i try to make it just as fun and fulfilling to be my Mommy as it is for me to have a i look forward to talking with You more and i hope that mabey this could be the start of something very fulfilling for both of us as once i find the right counterpart to my little self,im very loyal,obedient and give the love and care i receive back to my caregiver ten fold (or try to anyway) but being a little to me is about much more than a quick sexual thrill as that is allmost a/b's are looking for,i DO REALIZE that there is much much more to it than that in a real Mommy/baby relationship
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Dominnate_me86 is now friends with jay6878
Is there anybody looking for real diaper friends near Hamilton/Dundas, ON Canada
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Dominnate_me86 is now friends with Daddy_Tallica
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Dominnate_me86 is now friends with Diaperjonny29
Hi everyone sorry I can't get back to you still looking for a place when I do I will be in touch
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Dominnate_me86 is now friends with baby_D_1981
Started to drink toddler formula and put 2 packet of Splenda in it it's not bad at all in my baby bottle l
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babybabyboy23 wrote Dominnate_me86
hey mommy am diaper boy a, looking for mommy to will be her toy forever i dont care what happen to me i just want to be with u this my email
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Diaperjonny29 wrote Dominnate_me86
Is ur daddy aloud to wear diapers and stuff
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