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Hello! My name is Jaska I am a 22-year-old, Straight, Cis Male,

I am still fairly new to the community as a whole, as I have been keeping my love for diapers in the closet, and I am looking for a relationship with a woman to help me be happy with my true self. 

I am open to exploring any angle of the ABDL lifestyle both sexual and non-sexual, I am a non-judgmental, caring person just looking to be with a woman that shares the same interests as me. The ABDL fetish is something I have always struggled to be open with. so I wanted to meet a woman with the same interests as me when it comes to the ABDL lifestyle.

Another part of me that I feel is important to share is that I love being a furry, it is something that has helped me grow as a person and help make others smile. I love fursuiting and just having a good time, I still have much to learn and explore in this culture as well. After reading through the identifiers in the ABDL community I feel that at this current time, DiaperFur is the most accurate representation of my true self.

Please note; I am here strictly for Female members to possibly start a relationship with, I apologize for anyone looking for: A brother, daddy, or male partner. As I am not interested. Thanks!

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