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Hello there fellow ABDLs! My name is Reverie and I'm here looking for people, particularly in my area, that are interested in meeting in the non-digital world. While I don't mind chatting with people from a distance, you should be warned that my primary reason to poke my head around here is real life encounters and whatever may come of them.

I've been a part of the ABDL community since I was about twelve and I've wanted to wear diapers again from pretty much the point I first got out of them. There are few facets of my being that I let consume any large portion of my overall identity. Still, if I had to summarize myself with just a couple of factoids, I identify first as an ABDL and as a creator, in no particular order. On that note, I happen to be a bit of a game developer. If text adventures involving diapers and haunted manors sounds like your cup of tea, you should totally give my game a try! It's called Baleful Bassinet. If you do play it, don't forget to let me know what you think!

FYI, while I identify as gender-queer, I tend to lean toward the feminine end of the spectrum. Feminine/neutral pronouns are cool. That having been said, I am biologically male. Should you refer to me with male pronouns, I'll assume that A) You didn't read my profile at all and/or B) You are a disrespectful jerk. To see more of my thoughts on the matter, check my responses in the comments section of my profile.

I don't typically engage sexually with heterosexuals or homosexuals. I've broken that rule in the past but, more often than not, it's gone quite poorly. Heterosexuals tend toward using me for their own experimentation. Homosexuals have seemed to express uncertainty and discomfort about the duality of my character, so to speak.

If you'd like to know more or think we might click, feel free to send me a message. However, if you make the mistake of sending a friend request without a message, you will almost certainly be denied access to being my friend. And no one deserves that fate, right? ...In case you didn't gather, that was sarcasm. I'm not actually that full of myself. But seriously... Why bother befriending a person when you can't be bothered to correspond with them? Social networking is about human interaction, not trophy hunting! Also, sending a "greeting" does not count as human interaction. I wish that I could opt out of the greeting system on this website. I swear that is the laziest thing a person can do, short of saying nothing at all. And, for the love of God, don't just jump right into asking about whether I'll be your little diaper slut or if I'm wearing a messy diaper. Without some degree of tact, you will come off as an unintelligent ignoramus that cares more about fapping than actually getting to know people.

Anyway, assuming you possess respect and tact, I would absolutely love to be friends!

I hope that you have a spectacular morning, afternoon and/or night!


Post Signum, inspired by a couple of people who asked me to RP. If by chance you do ask me to RP and I say yes, you very likely won't get what you're looking for. I have decided to approach the practice as I would approach playing pretend. I will say whatever off the wall, crazy, fun thing I can think of in order to build a story of absurdism. If by chance that sounds fun to you, by all means, please ask me to RP. I'm open to all invitations for that form of RP until further notice because it sounds absolutely delightful. This has been a public service announcement.

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LG_stephy commented on a photo

Those jammies are the most adorable things ever!

This is a really cute picture. Your expression is a bit intense, in a really awesome way.

04.25.2018 0 likes 1 comments 1 comments
LG_stephy commented on a photo

This is a super cute picture.

Keep being awesome! :D

03.18.2018 1 likes 1 comments 1 comments
Scarletkitty wrote LG_stephy
So cute
03.11.2018 4 likes 1 comments 1 comments
wet-wet-nappy wrote LG_stephy
Very interesting profile my love xx
03.05.2018 1 likes 1 comments 1 comments
1987 wrote LG_stephy
What program do I need to download to play Baleful Bassinet on a MacOS?
12.22.2017 0 likes 1 comments 1 comments
LG_stephy commented on a photo

You're super adorable! I'm not sure this is what you were going for but I love how your expression reads as a sort of sultry shame.

07.01.2017 1 likes 7 comments 7 comments
cuddlygiant1 wrote LG_stephy
I agree with zelfix there's too much political correctness gone wrong these days.

Just because you feel you don't identify as male or female doesn't give you the right to expect this same view from others or hate on those who don't agree with your beliefs.
03.09.2017 1 likes 1 comments 1 comments
zelfix wrote LG_stephy
No.. to expect a person to classify you as anything other than what you are genetically is disrespectful on your behalf. You are genetically male so therefore you are male. You are no more reasonable than the white woman who identifies as a black woman. I respect your decision to live your lifestyle but I don't respect your desire to impose on others to classify you as something that you genetically are not. This isn't about being ignorant or closed minded... this is about science and fact. Genetically... see more and scientifically you are male and to impose your expectations on others to classify you as something you are not just because you identify as a gender you are not is not something you have any right to do. You only have authority over your own actions and not over others.
03.05.2017 1 likes 1 comments 1 comments
John1050 wrote LG_stephy
sounds heterophobic
12.27.2016 1 likes 1 comments 1 comments