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Hi. Been into this a while now and looking to connect with others. This is a genuine profile but I'm more likely to be found on fetlife under arsonistlolita and tumblr lilmeemz4 as i find this site a tiny bit confusing. I am primarily an AB/little (nonsexual) with my age varying. I am quite a reserved adult and so quite a reserved little. I don't do over the top babytalk and such,  i generally don't enjoy baby toys. Though I do like toys for older kids and plushies. Though there are a lot of aspects of care I haven't experienced from a cg. i am mostly happy just to have my bottle and nappy and snuggle up with someone. I am very shy until I get to know people, not even just shy. i AM extremely socially awkward with anxiety and all the usual shit that comes with a troubled upbringing. But I am kind and respectful and drama free and I think that's the important thing...


also blocking people who question me when I dont respond. I don't owe you anything. and I'm definitely not here to roleplay or give you wank fodder :) women literally get paid for that and again I owe you nothing. its fucking rude


Also please bear in mind I am 27 years old, closer to 28 and I only consider daddies of a similar age or older.

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11 days ago
JEFFREYDL wrote LilMeemz
Thank you
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27 days ago
Darth wrote LilMeemz
Hello there, how goes?
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DanielABDL_1 wrote LilMeemz
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Hugh_Madbrough wrote LilMeemz
High quality stuff. Thank you for sharing :)
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HU24-7S wrote LilMeemz
I like your honesty.
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LilMeemz added 19 new photos to album LilMeemz's photos
07.15.2019 2 likes 3 comments 3 comments
BabyEmmaGirl23 wrote LilMeemz
You are so beautiful girl hun xx
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Dman77 wrote LilMeemz
Hi qt very nice profile
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Ameel wrote LilMeemz
Oh my God you're beautiful I wish you were here in the United States I love Reds
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wet-wet-nappy wrote LilMeemz
So cute xxx
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