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Hewwo ^.^


I'm LittleMissH, my first name is Harriet, I'm 28, from Folkestone in Kent. Currently living with my best friend (@MelTeazer), and her lovely husband - both are amazing, lovely people, and I'm so lucky to have them in my life. Generally I'm a pretty boring person. I like watching films, sport, listening to music. Much prefer pubs to clubs, especially a pub with a pool table in it - I love pool, and quite good at it. I am rather shy in new company. I am a socially awkward character, and am pretty happy to be sitting with a glass of coke in a corner.

What brings me here...


What I am looking for on Fetlife...... Who knows! Whatever happens, happens...  People who are interesting, quirky and polite always get listened to by me.  

Ideally, I’m looking for a long-term D/s relationship, that is rewarding for all parties involved. I am pansexual, so I care very little what gender or sexuality you are. I am very happy to serve my Dominant(s) alone, or within a poly-household. I have experience going into an established dynamic, so I am perfectly comfortable with serving a Couple. I’m only interested in a relationship that will offer a live-in position in time, one knows this doesn’t happen overnight and I wouldn’t want it to. I just couldn’t imagine being collared and having to live away from my Superior(s), when my job is to make their life/lives easier!

I’ve been fortunate enough be in and around the lifestyle for many years. During that time, I have served multiple (I wish it was only one, but such is life) Dominants. I’d consider myself and have been told many times, that I’m a genuine submissive, with an outlook that doesn’t come natural to most, but only for a select few. I am a complete submissive, not only sexually but in many ways, though this does not mean I am a door mat, there is a huge difference! I’m an intelligent girl, I enjoy intellectual conversations, debates, learning and developing my brain. Though never have I once had an argument with my Dominant. I know my place, I never forget this, nor my submission towards them.

If I were to label myself, I’d call myself a pet, because I have a lot of tendencies and very much enjoy that dynamic. Though I would consider myself as a pet, first and foremost I am still a submissive throughout. Even though I’m an outgoing, adventurous girl, submissive (even when in control, I’m normally passive) throughout my life, I’ve not yet found ‘the one(s)’, I thought I had, twice, but things didn’t work out, both times due to circumstances.


Kinks wise...

 **Domination** is obviously extremely high on the list. For me, there isn’t anything like having your Dominant who has complete control over you, saying they’re proud of you, or calling you a “good girl”. Within this dynamic, trust is so crucially important – I couldn’t ever play with someone I didn’t trust. Once they have my trust, that’s when the relationship truly flourishes and develops. 

That’s when **TPE (Total Power Exchange)** comes into play. If you’ve never experienced it, it’s where your Dominant has the power to enforce certain changes they may want, or may-not want. Sometimes the thrill of someone saying “No” to you, when you really want something is just, ahhh ?. It could be something simple, like changing the colour of your hair, or them ordering your food for you in a restaurant. Just giving someone that power over you, takes the dynamic to a whole new level. 

**Pet play** is a real love of mine, not just because it’s fun to be a puppy, but it’s a truly special bond between Owner(s) and pet. My most favourite place relaxing, is to be within arm’s length of my Dominant(s), occasionally getting strokes, putting my head on their knees. I’ve been known to be so relaxed, that I can fall asleep in that position. Like a pet, loyalty is a trait of mine, as well as being loving, affectionate, and will always welcome cuddles with open paws. Hehe

I very much enjoy **Little play**, being looked after, wearing nappies… I’m more of a nappy lover, than a baby. The feeling of being wrapped up in a warm soft nappy, being protected, loved and cared for is so calming. It generally takes a while for me to let anyone see this side of me, so if you have, feel lucky because it doesn’t happen often. 

**Impact play** is another huge plus – not just for punishment, but erotic play too. I find this really stimulating. Though have to be kept separate for me. Play is just that, where my pain levels can be stretched, have some wonderful times, start off slow with low level pain, then it increasingly gets higher and higher. Punishment is a completely different story in my humble opinion. I firmly believe that if a submissive is naughty, then they need to be reminded that such behaviour is unacceptable. If my behaviour is such, then it needs to be corrected. These are meant to be just that, painful and serve as a reminder for future behaviour.

Love the feeling of having restricted movements, through any type of **Bondage**. Rope, cuffs, chains are all big yeses in my eyes. Also, happy with blindfolds and sensory deprivation. Never tried a hood, but I suspect there wouldn’t be any issues. 

Whilst serving, I’m very happy to take care of the **Domestic duties**. For me, taking the little menial things away from my Dominant(s), means that they can focus on the more important things in life. I’ve served as a maid at parties, including preparing dinner for multiple guests… Though with help – cooking isn’t one of my strong points. Thankfully my other skills make up for this! 

If you think we'd get on, please drop me a message - I'd love to hear from you.



Please note, my profile does say I am 'female', which is my gender on my Passport - so no lies. :)

I am transgender, I live as a female 'full time', and have done for over 54 months now (since 20th May, 2014), I am also on HRT, which took over two years after transitioning to get. They've created some wonderful effects. I had genital reconstructive surgery, which happened in February 2018


H x

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