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I'm admin of a website called Littlespace Online:
Oh, and a dating site for the community called DateCGL

I'm a Mommy-type basically just looking for everlasting friendships with men or women (or any other gender / genderless). I have a polyfi family already of one little/middle/mittle and a set of twin adult babies. I'm not seeking any more romances or family members, and will not betray my commitments to my partners for you.

I'm looking for friendly folks interested in BDSM/non-BDSM identities such as:

Caregiver/little partnerships (including DDlg and MDlb)
ABDL things

I want to branch out and make some connections with (platonic) friends since it's difficult for me to do so locally. (I'm a bit shy and have some social anxiety issues at times.)

I am only looking for (platonic) friends!

Friends ONLY!

If you are messaging me in hopes we can somehow be romantic, sexual, or some version of friends-with-benefits then you are wasting your time. If you want more than friendship with me then please move along.

I'm a relatively quiet person (a cis-female; female born/assigned-at-birth and female identifying individual) who doesn't enjoy large crowds or loud parties. I enjoy low-key activities like baking, watching silly things for giggles, going to circuses/zoos/museums/various exhibits, picnics, and anything generally pretty casual and relaxed. I mostly identify myself in the community as a Caregiver / Mommy, and love absolutely everything about the CGL community (adult diapers included, but, no, I do not wear and do not want to wear).

I'm much more of a gentle ABDL Mommy than a little's Mommy or a punishment/funishment Mommy. I'm also really not sexually focused or motivated by being a Mommy. To give you an idea of who I am in this community this means that I do really, really, really like things like:

Changing diapers (dry, wet, messy, doesn't matter)
Breastfeeding (preferred)
Bottle feeding
Spoon feeding
Bathing Baby
Co-sleeping (more interested in that than Baby in crib)
Changing Baby's clothes
Brushing hair
Brushing Baby's teeth (giving gum massages if Baby is missing teeth)
Pushing Baby in stroller
Rocking Baby
Taking care of Baby's needs (whatever that generally means)
Encouraging Baby to babble (particularly "mamama")
ABDL with the common regression age of 0 - 2 (Baby coos, sometimes crawls, babbles, is very needy; infantile regression is very appealing to me)
ABDL not necessarily Sissy (not so interested in sissification on a romantic level but can be friends with Sissies)

I do not offer paid services. | I do not offer paid services. | I do not offer paid services. 

Ideally, I'd like to find a few platonic friends. We could share some of our free time just relaxing and enjoying some light activities, perhaps small trips, and making memories to look back and laugh about. Distance doesn't matter, and shouldn't matter since I move every year or two to an entirely different area of the U.S. Our potential friendship would be entirely nonsexual and I would not "teach" you or be your temporary Mommy in any way. I am looking for friendships of people who understand my identity and get along with it on a platonic level and not a twisted version of having a friends-with-benefits situation. This means that, no, I won't treat you as my baby and will not change your diapers.

(I just want to make it super duper clear that LittlespaceOnline and DateCGL do not compete with DiaperMates. I really love the DiaperMates site and platform. The websites I own are not replacements, copies, or competition for this lovely, lovely site here. I do not encourage anyone to remove their DiaperMates account. I genuinely use my account here on this site as personal use and really enjoy what is has to offer.)

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JEFFWET wrote LittlespaceOnline
I been back in diapers since I was 35
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JEFFWET wrote LittlespaceOnline
Like travel and funny movies
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JEFFWET wrote LittlespaceOnline
All I ask you are female and over 20 years old
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JEFFWET wrote LittlespaceOnline
Or send me email [email protected]
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JEFFWET wrote LittlespaceOnline
I want my girlfriend to be my kid and I want to be my girlfriend kid depending on who is wet or messy at the time
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JEFFWET wrote LittlespaceOnline
Enjoy travel together
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JEFFWET wrote LittlespaceOnline
Change each other’s diapers with love and affection
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JEFFWET wrote LittlespaceOnline
Live in Albuquerque,New Mexico 5056158514, if you want to be my diaper girl girlfriend
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JEFFWET wrote LittlespaceOnline
I am male been wearing diapers do to stomach issues, I am 58 looking for girlfriend that wears diapers too
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Women are only fertile for a VERY short period of time one day in the average 28 day cycle. It's really only a few HOURS each month. Estrogen doesn't necessary drive her to be excessively horny either. Most women are unaware when they ovulate because the symptoms are so few.

I'm not extra interested in sex during my fertility window. A few years ago I wanted to track my fertility and found that my sex drive did not increase. Some friends also tracked theirs and none of us ever tracked higher sex drives during our fertile times. None. One of my friends was even sex-repulsed!

Estrogen is not the hormone that is often linked to a higher sex drive. It's why a lot of older women who have gone through menopause and have a naturally lower estrogen are more inclined to be sexually interested.

The fertile window of a woman does many things, including causing her cervix to lower and come closer to her opening to help sperm enter. 

Many women feel like having their cervix bumped hurts. This can be a time where sex is more painful. The cervix isn't really linked to pleasure.

What likely happened is that the woman probably is looking for fun. She is probably on the rebound from a failed relationship (assuming by age) and wants to have fun again like she did when she was a teen. She has fond memories of sneaking around or experimenting for the first times with this fellow so she thought it was worth a shot to kind of relive that excitement again. 

This doesn't have anything to do with where she is in her cycle. Humans aren't driven entirely by hormonal fluctuations. When we're talking about hormones that create a higher sex drive then generally we're talking about testosterone. 

It was dumb he refuses to be a booty call but then decides he'll entertain her anyway with a night out. Please. Guy is horny too, and maybe has hopes it'll be more than a one night stand.

A little history. almost 2 decades ago I was dumped by my at the time gf. No biggie right? I mean I was around 16? Well, out of the blue she contacts me on facebook all these years later. No, not to say something like surprise you have a kid you didn't kno
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