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I'm basically just looking for everlasting friendships with men or women (or any other gender / genderless).

I'm looking for friendly folks interested in BDSM/non-BDSM identities such as:

Caregiver/little dynamics (like DDlg and MDlb)
ABDL things

I want to branch out and make some connections with friends since it's difficult for me to do so locally. (I'm a bit shy and have some social anxiety issues at times.)

I am only looking for friends!




If you are messaging me in hopes we can somehow be romantic or sexual then you are wasting your time. If you want more than friendship with me then please move along.

I'm a relatively quiet person (a cis-female; female born and female identifying individual) who doesn't enjoy large crowds or loud parties. I enjoy low-key activities like baking, watching silly things for giggles, going to circuses/zoos/museums/various exhibits, picnics, and odd dolls. I mostly identify myself in the community as a Caregiver / Mommy, and love absolutely everything about the CGL community (adult diapers included, but, no, I do not wear and do not want to wear).

Ideally, I'd like to find a few friends who become close with me. We could share some of our free time just relaxing and enjoying some light activities, perhaps small trips, and making memories to look back and laugh about. Distance doesn't matter, and shouldn't matter since I move every year or two to an entirely different area of the U.S. 

I also run a website called Littlespace Online. Check it out sometime:

Oh, and a dating site called DateCGL at

(I just want to make it super duper clear that LittlespaceOnline and DateCGL do not compete with DiaperMates. I really love the DiaperMates site and platform. The websites I own are not replacements, copies, or competition for this lovely, lovely site here. I do not encourage anyone to remove their DiaperMates account. I genuinely use my account here on this site as personal use and really enjoy what is has to offer.)

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01.15.2018 1 likes 0 comments 0 comments
Tyler007 wrote LittlespaceOnline
Hey there! I just signed up to Littlespace Online, and can't seem to find the chat area.
My username is the same on here
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LittlespaceOnline wrote
Please take the time to learn about the ABDL trademark from Rearz:

This is absolutely NOT a good thing for our community. Please educate yourself and let Rearz know that this NOT acceptable to do to us.
01.04.2018 3 likes 0 comments 0 comments
GaryISJenny wrote LittlespaceOnline
I see you're online, but I can't see you in chat. :(
I ended up joining both Littlespace Online and DataCGL. I hope I can find a caregiver on CGL, but honestly, I doubt I ever will. :(
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LittlespaceOnline added new site — DateCGL is a free 18+ adult dating community and chat for those involved in ABDL, DDlg, MDlb, Caregiver/little adult romance or BDSM/non-BDSM ageplay. Find Real Caregiver/Little Connections and Love!
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LittlespaceOnline is now friends with Donavin63
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LittlespaceOnline reposted a site. 
LittlespaceOnline added new site — A super fun, friendly forum community for those involved in a ABDL, DDlg, MDlb, Caregiver/little adult lifestyle or are interested in BDSM and ageplay.
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