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 I am very creative woman. I think that I have a very interesting personality and I am not like other people. I always have my own views and interesting approach to a problem or some situation and I think that it's very important to have your own view and be not like the whole crowd, do you agree with me? I think that I am a woman who is good in many things and I want to try more and more while this life gives me such chance and opportunities and not sit and complain! I am very positive woman and i think that everything what is happening is for the best and even in some bad experience - you can always find a lesson for yourself and learn on your own mistakes just to continue this life with beautiful smile on my face like I am trying to do every day! I know that people who are around me - they enjoy this beautiful and powerful energy which I have and I am also the woman who is not afraid to help people to solve their problems and come to them in hard moments when the! y need me! We are humans and we need to help each other and not humiliate or make each other suffering every moment of our being! Maybe after reading these lines you will see that I am very calm and nice lady and I have really a lot of ideas in my mind and I would be so glad to share them all with you, I am sure that you would give me such chance and we would enjoy it together with you

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NoNobaby wrote Lovelyjoice8798
Thank you for the friends request. sorry it took so long, not getting the notifications for some reason.
I no much of a profile or much to say on it, just curious now. Why send me a friend request? Was it my avatar?
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Nappytrap wrote Lovelyjoice8798
What part of Michigan?
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Aorphanbaby wrote Lovelyjoice8798
Hi Their, I have one question I like to ask you and that is are you a Mommy looking to have a baby to own as your natural baby ?
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