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Personalized Subliminal Hypnosis files for any ambition!

For full details, see my site: http://mrnick2502.wix.com/subliminalhypnosis

In my filled I work with subliminal audio to achieve change via hypnotic avenues and by these- the goal that my costumers require.
My work is creating this situation of passing information directly to the subconscious of my clients via audio commands.
But how do I manage that? Isn't the conscious mind simply dismiss any thing said to it, that I don?t believe about myself?
It will, if it could detect it. In order to achieve this mind altering use, we rest our needs on technology.
Using a patented special series of process I take these bits of information (referred to professionally as "affirmations") and transform them from normal, hearable sound, and alter their tone of sound to levels that the humane ear can't hear (like does special dog whistles). The effect being that we have a audio file, with customized affirmations to the client's needs, that plays in a tone the humane ear cannot normally hear, and by that we by-pass the conscious mind and its selection of information. And if I can't hear it how does the information get into my brain?
The inner ear is built to analyze more sensitive tones and sounds then our outer ear, which allows it to still decrypt the sound it detects into audio understandable to our subconscious, like we have with things we see for a faint moment and don?t notice them and yet when asked about we do know- because the subconscious notices more then we actually know. The end product I produce is an audio file that is silent (only people with very sharp hearing may detect faint ruffles in the background), containing affirmations that are transmitted directly to the listener subconscious creating the desired effect he seeks.

Contact me via email: [email protected]
Site: http://mrnick2502.wix.com/subliminalhypnosis
Tumbler page: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/mrnick2502



*****Not looking for new slaves, only to talk to more DL's!*****


Who am I?
on one hand a true and full diaper lover on the other,an experienced master with years of work with slaves and subs from Israel and abroad.
To clarify from the start- I am straight and not looking for any sexual relations with my slaves/diaper boys. Sex and sexual activities maybe linked during sessions in according to my needs but are not the main thing.
I control both men and woman, but mostly enjoy controlling men due to the feeling that when I humiliate and demean a strong, macho, self filled man I can lower him to the lowest point I can bring a slave to.

What I seek?
optionally the ocassional diaper fun but mainly- a serious 24/7 domination over a slave that fits my needs and wishes.
I will only except slaves that are willing to go on to a 24/7 connection and are willing and able to relocate and make any necessary changes required.
I seek a slave who knows truly that this is not a game to be played before sex but a way of life that you take upon yourself, a life obedience.

A slave under my service is expected to follow my orders utterly and completely as he gets them (I respect the limits of my slaves as they where agreed on when he entered my service).

*** will not accept any slave that are more than 5 years above my age requirement.***

Some of my Interests and things I have done:

  • Pain
  • Humiliation
  • Bondage
  • CBT/TT
  • Diapers
  • Chastity
  • Stomping/punching
  • Licking and kissing of shoes
  • Gags
  • Mummification
  • Breath control

Terms of contact:
A slave interested in entering my service will send a pic of himself in underwear/diaper and details about himself
If suitable further contact will be made online to determine if and how he will serve.

I do not send pictures of myself due to my wish to reserve my privacy; any slave found fitting will see me on live cam during our further online contact.

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