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"BDSM people are sexual nerds"
- from the comic series Sunstone


Hello, and welcome to my profile.


 I am ultimately seeking power exchange in a long-term relationship. Or a female-led relationship. I want to make a woman happy,but not just in the vanilla sense.


 More importantly, I am seeking a REAL relationship with a real woman. I want to live and experience BDSM with a kindred spirit. I want real chemistry for mutual pleasure and growth, not an empty exchange of services, and I most certainly do not want to give money or gifts on principle.


Safe, sane, consensual, and mutually fulfilling.


Hopefully, we share similar interests and kinks, and you should know I have diaper fetish (that is, DL, not AB... but who knows). It's not all about the kinks, of course, but if I didn't set up some requirements, I might as well just take anybody. I am also into forced feminization, so hopefully that's also your thing. I should note that it's not the feminization itself that I find deliciously embarrassing (that'd be weird for a feminist), but rather the action of stripping away my gender identity.


Other than that, I am also into video games, the whole miniature wargaming hobby, pen&paper roleplaying, the whole geek deal, I loved my fencing classes in college and hiking in the woods and am looking forward to get back into more physical activities in the future.


After going through a challenging few years physically, psychologically and emotionally, I am now looking for work and relationship, ready to embark on this new part of my life.


Thanks for reading.

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MuppetBoi commented on a blog post

Wet is one thing, but not messy! It's full of bacteria and such, and I would hate to have a rash. 

Do you #abdls like to stay in a messy #diaper over night? Why or why not?
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MuppetBoi commented on a blog post

I'm more of  a diaper lover, as diapers are an actual fetish for me, but I like acting cute and childish on occasions with a loved one.

are you more of an adult baby or a diaper lover tell me which one and why :)
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