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.Hello everyone my name is Nate I am new to this site and the whole ABDL scene. I have always loved to wear diapers since I was a kid. I remember being caught wearing diapers and it caused me a lot of embarrassment when I was in elementary-middle school. So I have tried to stay away from it all since then. But I still love to wear diapers! And I found out there was sites for people just like me so I am giving it a shot! I also think a cute girl in a diaper is the cutest fucking thing in the world and I also like to play the daddy role :) Though I have never actually done it but it does turn me on. I like the best of both roles ya know haha. I AM ONLY INTERESTED IN WOMEN GUYS!!! Even if you say you just want to be friends I am not interested....I don't want to talk to men about their diapers it's just creepy to me,  no offense. That has been the only people to message me so far is gay men or gay men pretending to just want a "Friendship" but we all know that's not true. I have tried to be nice about it but it's just getting too creepy and shit for me so I am asking you to please not message me please. I hope you find someone else or whatever you are looking for I don't mean to be rude but yeah just being honest. SOOOOO now that I got that out of the way what's up muh ladies :) haha I am a pretty funny guy I think so if you want some laughs message me. Or you could just think I have cute eys or smile or something lol whatever works to get a female in my DM's idc it would be nice to get a message from someone without armpit hair you know? haha. Anyway sorry I suck at these and feel like I am dragging this out. So if any ladies out there are interested throw me a message I would LOVE to hear from you! Thank you for reading all of this I know I probably wouldn't so you are a better person than me already :P and I hope you all have a wonderful day and or night Byeee


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Natee commented on a photo

So adorable!

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Natee commented on a photo

Wow you're so cute and adorable :) 

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Natee commented on a photo

cutie :)


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zethans wrote Natee
yo dude, i know how you feel about all the guys hitting you up, try not to mind them any of your time, just go ahead and block them. hope you find a cool woman on here man, cheers mate!
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