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Me like getting me bare bottom paddled hard.


Me looking fow mommy or daddy that will:

1. Lay me down on the changing mat

2. Rip off my diaper

3. Roughly clean off my pussy

4. Paddle my pussy with a small wooden paddle with 5 holes drilled into it

5. Yank up my legs

6. Roughly clean off my bottom

7. Slide a clean diaper underneath me

8. Paddle my bottom very hard with a large wooden paddle with 20 holes drilled into it while my legs are up in the air

9. Powder my bottom with your choice of itchy powder, regular baby powder, and baby plus itchiness powder

10. Throw my legs back down

11. Paddle my pussy again with the small wooden paddle

12. Powder my pussy

13. Tightly fasten my diaper down.


Me like role playing on kik. Me username tis rushergirl92. Me real age tis 26 and ageplay age tis 2

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6 days ago
Papawisky101 wrote NaughtyGirl92
You know if I new you better I would go hop in my plane fly to you right now then pull down to your knees and spank your bum for not being online at this very moment to chat lol
6 days ago 0 likes 2 comments 2 comments