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I am not an ABDL myself but I love DDLG and having a partner who is ABDL, I'm a Daddy-Dom with both a very caring side and a firm side. For want of a better way to say it, I am looking for a best friend and partner in one.

In and out of the kink world for the better part of a decade, I have learned two important things:

1) You will fall off your chair if you practice kinbaku ties on yourself
2) I am only at home as a Daddy-Dom

There is something about the dynamic that just feels perfectly and wonderfully warm whether it be because of the mutual adoration, the love through acts of service going both ways, or because of the protocol and consequence - the simplicity of being extremely straightforward about expectations and needs.

There's a saying often heard in the community, that a little needs to be wanted, and a caregiver wants to be needed. I like that a lot.

You will find me to be incessantly communicative, adventurous, adorably playful, fiercely loyal, and deliciously creative. Whilst firm and stern in both play or discipline, I have definitely got a softer side that delights in all the affectionate sides of a typical relationship.

I would describe myself in my vanilla life as goofy, a nerd, and a textbook dreamer, not to mention honest and open to a fault. I will happily share my darkest secrets with a perfect stranger. In the long term I am only looking for a DDLG LTR, but open to encounters providing discipline in the short term. Not planning to rush into anything, I want to really get to know someone first.


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