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I am a diaper lover and I'm looking for someone who is a. Girl  who is not into the AB stuff but is willing to have a relationship and will wear diapers with me and is willing to change my diapers and has a good job to keep buying me diapers and will keep our wearing diapers a secret from everyone else I know because I don't want people thinking I'm weird for wearing them. I would love it if people who want to meet up could text me and I will provide that number to you as soon as we get in touch. I live in Franklin Tennessee and so I'm hoping that I will get a whole bunch of interests coming from people who live in Franklin as well. And I want to meet up with people as soon as possible! I work at the Home Depot in Bellevue Tennessee and  I'm an Eagle Scout and also, I love getting out of the house and doing things so I want a girl who will keep me diapered and will go out and do things with her potential boyfriend who would be me and she herself would be wearing a diaper too! 

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