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Hi, and welcome to my page!

I'm a loving and caring daddy, new to the whole AB/DL scene. I have known about AB/DL for about two years now and looked into it. It was the caring part that got me interested in it, and plucked at my interest. I have always loved to care for others and take care of people, but at the same time I also like to be dominant and in control. These two aspects form a caring bound where one relies and trusts the other, and trust is important to me.

More about me as a person:

I'm a humoristic and to some degree goofy person who enjoys sending of ?happy wibes?. Yet, I'm still able to be a organized and serious person when the occasion calls for it. I'm accepting and understanding, living by the life rule of ?Live And Let Live?. My favorite pastimes is reading, writing and role playing (in the form of tabletop rpgs and Larp).

When it comes to my looks, I'm going for a classy/rock style combo, wearing shirt, vest and tie, and at the same time rocking the chains, boots and studs.

My physical build is slim and tall. I stand with the length of 1,95 m (6'5 feet), and I do not have much to call fat on my body.

I'm looking to meet other carers on this site for counseling and teaching of what it's like to be a carer. I would not mind meeting some little's and getting to know what they want out of a Daddy relationship. Perhaps even meet a little girl to care for. For me it doesn't matter if any relationship I might get is long distance.



So, if you have read through my profile and want to chat, feel free to send me a message.

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