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If you enjoy my photos here, i post pretty regularly on a few other sites so follow me there for more fun and connection :)


Instagram: SeriouslyKinkyGuy 

Twitter: Seriously_Kinky



I do have snapchat and kik but I only give them out to the people I feel a connection with so connect with me more here or through my other sites if you are interested!


About Me:


Im a female to male transguy and very comfortable with my identity. 


Looking for a cute switch to have fun with and maybe more if the attraction is there! Around my age if possible and with good body hygiene and self care.


I really like taller guys so if you can pick me up and really hold me down, thats right up my alley too! I enjoy wrestling and pinning down guys as the "winner" and having fun with domination and submission that way :)


Also "forced" diapering scenarios are really hot to me and i want to explore that more definitely!


I love communicating and talking and love the idea of eventually dating a best friend type where we can do anything together!


I'm moving to New Orleans in November so I'd love to connect with some guys out there!


~~~~~~~~~~My Sexual Preferences:~~~~~~~~~~


I'm used to being with women but I'm definitely enjoying men very nicely now! I'm looking for an intelligent, mature, probably bisexual guy that finds my bottom half to their liking. I plan on keeping it so youll have to enjoy plowing into a nice cunt at least :P. I'm still usually quite the top even on bottom though.


I consider myself a switch and enjoy humiliating a guy by putting them in thick diapers and "forcing" them to enjoy their babyish role but i don't mind similar treatment. Im still tsking my time in exploring being the submissive one as it's not my usual role. I think I can enjoy it though with the right person!


My only rule for sexual preference is that the thought of thick baby diapers be so exciting to you to the point of making your cock twitch from the humiliation. I like when I can see a guys excitement while breaking them down into a thumb sucking, diaper filling baby. I enjoy them excitedy begging for it too ;)


Im totally down for us both being diapered at the same time with either one of us controlling the dominant role. I also enjoy being equals that enjoy one another through moments like kissing while grinding our diapers together. I really love being enjoyed too so if your thing is masculine guys in thick diapers that like to control and be controlled then we may be a good fit!


Send me a message if you are interested!


- A 


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