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Aayyy there!

About Me

My name's JD and I'm an asexual, Caucasian, 5ft 3" tall, anthro-loving, furry guy who plays pup and wears nappies from time to time. I wear for fun and don't really need them yet so they are a luxury item but like the puppy-play, it helps me relax. You have your vices, I have mine. If you want a list of kinks I have you can check my Fetlife profile. I like some aspects of the adult baby play but I think I'm just a diaper lover type. 

I have recently come out of long-term depression which left me isolated for several years but hopefully (though not expected highly) with the help of this community I can start regaining my social skills. I guess we'll see.

I'm currently in the middle of finding a new place and studying further and also work for a charity organization doing various tasks for them.

Normally I'm quite chill and easy to talk with so if you have any questions, I don't bite. I do not do any online roleplaying, I'd rather do it for reals.


What I'm Looking For

At the moment I just want to forge friendships with people like myself. I am not looking for any sexual encounters, I just want to smoke a bit of cheese with the chaps and do other fun stuff. There's plenty to do this day and age and I was starting to get bored. Please respect other peoples boundaries, limits and privacy, there's a reason I don't show my face publicly and I thinks it should be fairly obvious why. I think we should get to know each other a lot before we privately swap our face-pics if it ever comes to that. Also, please don't send a friend request blindly, start a convo with me. :P

I think that about covers my life story for now. Bye.

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