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Hello all, hope your having a good day! I am pretty open when it comes to fetishes, but I often find that its what is outside the bedroom that matters the most! :)


Not much into KIK/Long Distance if your not in the MD/DC/VA/DE area I don't think we should speak. I prefer to meet in person over coffee or something yknow?


About Myself: Programmer, Nerd, Veteran, and have a ton of funny stories. If you want to hear some of them I'd love to share, most people are stunned by the absurdity of some of them!

Hobbies: I enjoy painting models, coding, and watching alt currency markets. I've never played DND but I've been curious, I mostly play Warhammer 40k.

Attitude: I have a thick skin, and believe in making things work. Im not a cynical person, I am just cautiously optimistic.

Weirdest Thing Im willing to admit: Someone being mean is easier for me to deal with than being nice. I feel weird when people treat me abnormally kind.


Will provide picture on request.

Body Type: Large

Weight: 250

Hair: Buzzed

Face: Clean Shaven/Baby Face

Shoulders: Broad

Eyes: Glasses/Green


What Im Looking For: I'm pretty flexible and willing to see what the wind blows. I've been both a submissive and 24/7 slave. I have also been a Dom for several years. Perfectly okay with a vanilla lifestyle as well. Im just looking for that person I click with right?




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