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I am 39 yrs old and have been into diapers for as long as I can remember. I am single, 5"9" medium build with light brown hair. I have a secluded place in the mountains, so I can wear diapers or be naked all the time. I am looking for a guy in my area to hang out in diapers and fool around.MY DREAM DATE Just a little background first,. I have always been a diaper lover. Some of my earliest post ?toilet trained? memories go back to when I was about 5 yrs. old. I would steal one of my younger brothers diapers and hide in my room and pee and poop in it. I remember hiding the soiled diapers in the back of my dad?s closet. My parents confronted me about it a couple times and I denied it, I was one of four boys so it was hard for them to pin it on me. Later on, I used to make diapers out of towels and plastic garbage bags. I loved the feeling of the pee trickling over my penis and balls, it would always make me hard and I would masturbate furiously. When I was about 18 I found out that they made disposable diapers for adults. I bought some, and the rest is history. PART 1 I have always hid my love for diapers. I have also hid the fact that I am bisexual. It makes getting through life easier, I think... You understand. Anyway, one day I decided to join a website called Diaper Mates. It?s a dating site for ABDL?s. I met a really cool kid named Baby Nikki. He was younger than me, but we shared many interests, including our love for diapers and mabey some baby type action. We hit it off immediately and decided we should meet. He was a student, and had a free weekend coming up, so I invited him to spend the weekend with me at my home in the Pocono Mnts. When the day finally came, I was so excited, I couldn?t wait for him to arrive. Finally, there was a knock at the door. I answered it, and to my amazement, there stood a stunning young man with golden locks. He looked at me sheepishly and asked, ?are you Cody?? ?Yes? I said, ?and I couldn?t be more pleased to meet you?. He was wearing jeans and a college pull-over sweat shirt, his duffel bag hanging off his shoulder. I invited him in, took his dufflel bag and showed him to the bar room. I offered him a beer and noticed that his pants had a bulge around his crotch, I figured that he must have been wearing a diaper and filled it on the drive up. We made some small talk and then I stood up, walked over and pulled his sweat shirt out of his jeans. I reached my finger down into his diaper and felt the warm, wetness of his thoroughly soaked diaper. ?Well, it feels like someone had an accident,? I said. ?Don?t worry?, I said. ?I?ll take care of you?. I took him by the hand and guided him to my makeshift changing table. ?lay down? I instructed. I removed his clothing, then unfastened the tapes on his diaper, a Depends I think. The diaper was thoroughly soaked and had leaked into his jeans a little bit. I peeled back the diaper and exposed his fully erect penis. ?Well, well?, I said, as I ran my hand through his light brown bush. ?This will never do, babies don?t have pubic hair.? He looked concerned, but I patted his penis and said,? don?t worry, we can?t take care of this without a problem?. I went to the bathroom and came back with some clippers, shaving cream, a razor, some towels, and a bowl of warm water. ?just relax? I said, ?we?ll get rid of all that nasty hair in no time?. I trimmed back his bush, then applied the shaving cream and shaved his area clean. ?Roll over and get up on your hands and knees?, I instructed him. I then finished shaving his cute little hiney. ?All right?, I said, ?now that we?re done with that, it?s time to give you a bath and get you into a fresh diaper?. I went into the bathroom and drew a nice warm bath. I added bubble bath to the water and dropped in a little rubber ducky. Nikki got up off the bed and I led him to the bathroom. ?hop in?, I said ?and we?ll get you all scrubbed up!? Smiling, Nikki got into the tub and started to play with the ducky. I took off my clothes, so I didn?t get them wet. Then I knelt down next to the tub, took up the baby shampoo and began to wash his hair. We were having a great time, I lathered up a washcloth and washed him all over. I had him stand up and rinsed him off. He climbed out of the tub and I toweled him off. I took him back to the changing table and instructed him to lay down. I took out a fluffy bambino diaper and two soaker pads. I had him put his ankles on my shoulders and hiked his butt up, so I could slide the diaper under his hiney. He had a raging hard on, I noticed a big pre-cum droplet on the tip of his penis. I couldn?t resist, I bent over and kissed his penis. ?Well?, I said ? there?s no way I?m going to get this diaper to fit right, with your penis like this?. ?We need to turn this hard on into a cute little winkie?. I brought his penis into my mouth and began sucking and moving up and down, I was rubbing my own throbbing member while blowing him. Once I new he was close, I took out a bottle of Baby Magic. I smeared it all over his area and began to jerk him off. I took the diaper from under his butt and caught the full load of his sperm inside it. I was ready to fire off too. I unloaded my full load into the diaper. I took the diaper and placed it under him, then I took the soakers and arranged them so it would hold his little winkie pointed straight up. I fastened the tapes and admired my cute little baby boy. He gave me a crooked grin and said ? now it?s your turn?. I layed down on my back, he took an Abena X-plus out of his duffle and a couple soaker pads. He took the bottle of Baby Magic lotion and began to rub it into my area. I could feel myself starting to get aroused again, His finger started to circle my little hiney hole. ?You look a little flush, I better check your temperature.? he said. He slowly slid his finger inside me, that brought my dick to full attention. He squirted more lotion on my boner and began to stroke it while moving his finger in and out of my hole. It felt so good, I felt my penis getting ready to explode again. He could tell I was almost there, so he pulled his finger out and and grabbed the diaper just in time to catch my entire batch in the front of the diaper. ?Good baby? he said smiling, Then proceeded to diaper me up. I grabbed a couple of beers out of the fridge and we went into the den and sat down on the couch. ? wanna play some video games?? I asked. ?Sure? He said. I switched on the larger TV which was hooked to the playstation, Then turned on the TV next to it that was hooked to a DVD player loaded with regular porn, gay porn and diaper porn. ? sweet? he said. We played for a little while, then he looked at me and asked ? do you have to go yet?? I smiled and nodded my head. We stood up and faced each other, I relaxed and began to feel the warm pee trickle over my penis and balls. I watched his diaper as a small stain appeared at the top and then spread out as the front of his diaper began to bulge outward. We had fun drinking, wetting and playing video games. Niki looked at me and said ?uh oh?, he stood up, turned away from me and bent over. He made a grunting noise and I saw the back of his diaper begin to push outward as he filled it with poop. ?Oh what a naughty boy you are?! ? Stay there while I get some plastic pants to put on you so you don?t leak?. I went into my diaper stash and returned with a pair of crinkely plastic bloomers and put them on him. He sat down and a smile appeared on his face as he mushed the poop around inside his diaper. We played for a while longer, I could tell that my diaper was about full and he was getting kinda stinky. ? All right mister stinky pants, let?s go get you changed? I said. We went into the bedroom and he hopped up on the changing table and I took the plastic pants off him, then unfastened his diaper. I used the diaper and a couple baby wipes to clean him up. I went into the bathroom and turned the shower on nice and warm. ? Come in here Niki and we?ll finish cleaning you up?. I wiggled out of my diaper and let it drop to the floor with a thud. ? Get into the shower and I finish cleaning you? I instructed. I followed him into the shower, took the shower head down and sprayed off his backside, then got the soap and lathered him up spending extra time on his little hole, taint, balls and penis. ? Now we are going to make sure you don?t have any more poopy accidents, bend over and put you hands on your knees?. ?I am going to fill your hiney up with water, hold it in until I tell you, then release it over the drain?. ? Understand?? He nodded his head and I pressed the shower head firmly against his hole, filling his rectum with warm water. I pulled away the shower head and waited thirty seconds. ? O.K. release? I said, and the contents of his rectum splashed down the drain. I repeated this treatment again and again until the water coming out of him ran clear. I took a bottle of baby oil, poured it over his hiney and began to rub it all over his area. I inserted my index finger into his anus and began moving it in and out while fondling his cock and balls. He started moaning lightly as I began sticking two, then three fingers in and out of his tight little hiney hole. I pulled out my fingers, then rubbed baby oil on my hard on. I gently pressed the head of my cock against his hole, It slowly slipped inside him. He moaned louder now. I slowly pulled out, then pressed in further. I kept at it until my shaft was thoroughly buried inside him. I grabbed him by the hips and began pumping his tight little ass. Soon, I could feel the orgasm building inside me. I exploded inside him cumming and cumming, filling him up with my semen. I pulled out, took the shower head and rinsed out his rectum one final time. ?That will keep you from pooping for a while? I said smiling at him. After drying each other off, he took my hand and led me to the changing table. ?Hop up?! He said. He rubbed a large amount of baby magic lotion on my area, ( I just love the smell of Baby Magic!) taking extra time to fondle my flaccid little winky and my hiney hole. Then he pulled out a fluffy Bambino diaper and taped it up. He climbed onto the table, straddling my chest and began to rub his semi-hard cock on my chest. He brought his cock up toward my mouth and said, ?Open up, time for baby to drink his formula?. I willingly wrapped my lips around his member and began to suck and lick his throbbing cock, working patiently for my reward. He reached down and grabbed the back of my head and began pumping harder and harder. Finally I felt his hot cum hitting the back of my mouth, I swallowed it down, but he kept cumming and cumming. I have never had so much cum in my mouth and I was in heaven! He climbed off of me, it took me a minuet to recover, then I got up and led him into the kitchen. I broke out a couple more beers and began to cook dinner. We talked and laughed as I prepared our meal, then I took out a bottle of Chardonnay and we sat down to a great meal with lots of conversation, joking and fun. After dinner, we went into the den, I put in a movie and we curled up on the couch. I woke up with a start. Where was I? The TV was blaring static and there was a blank screen. I realized that I must have fallen asleep while watching the movie. Nikki was asleep next to me. I nudged him gently and said ? hey man, lets go into the bedroom and go to sleep.? ... No response. I shook him gently and said ? Nikki, come on man, lets get up and go to bed.?....Still nothing. I got up, reached under him, picked him up and carried him into the bedroom. I layed him down on the bed and checked his diaper, .he was pretty wet, but I decided to leave him in his diaper. I had already put mattress pads under the sheets to absorb any accidents, so if he leaked it would be O.K. My diaper was pretty heavy too, but I was too tired to deal with it, so I just crawled into bed and pulled the covers over us. I awoke the next morning to a very wet bed, it seems both of our diapers had leaked through the night. Fortunately, I have a heated water bed, so it wasn?t cold or damp. Actually, it felt quite good. I reached under the covers and began to rub the front of Nikki?s diaper. He was snoring softly and then a slight smile appeared on his face. I reached down inside his diaper and began to fondle his flaccid winky. It felt so wonderfully warm and squishy. I got up, pulled the covers back and kneeled down between his legs. I untaped his diaper and let the front fall down between his knees. I knelt down and buried my face in it, it smelled so good, I could feel my cock straining against my diaper aching to break free. I brought his dick into my mouth and started sucking him, gently at first then faster. I grabbed him under his knees and pressed his legs back up toward his chest and began licking and softly sucking his balls and taint. His breathing became heavier and he was moaning softly. I pressed his knees up further and started tonguing his tight little hole. I then rolled over on my back and Nikki performed the same treatment on me. Then he spun around on top of me and we 69ed until we came in unison filling each others mouth with warm creamy cum. We got up, showered and had breakfast. Unfortunately, it was time to say goodbye. I hugged him and we agreed we would have many more diapered adventures together.
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