This Mommy loves using diaper punishment :)

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Love being a mommy to my adult baby :)

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zeo2710 wrote abdlmommycrissy
Hi there hehe my name is Marky and I am a sweet and fun loving Little/Baby Boy. I am looking for a Mommy to put me in diapers and love me and take care of me wike the wittle Baby I am hehe. If you are interested, pwease let me know through here or you can message me on Tumblr @babyboy1672 or message me in KiK for 'mclark27'.
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Pamperplay77 wrote abdlmommycrissy
Can U be my Mommy? I would love to be diaper punished & humiliated by You...let's chat....????
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Jlpdprd wrote abdlmommycrissy
I don't like to do # 2s in my diapers only pee. I love diaper punishment since I was 8 my Mother would punish me and humiliate me about being a big baby because I started wetting the bed . After taking me to my Pediatrician and finding nothing physically wrong she started regressing me and treating me like a little baby. She had one of her friends make some baby clothes and would dress me up in them and started using a diaper service.
She informed me that if I was going to wet the bed like... see more a baby I would be treated as a baby. This lifestyle continued till I was 15. I now am very submissive and long for women to dominate my life and humiliate me it really turns me on.
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Jlpdprd wrote abdlmommycrissy
You are very sexy and exactly what I want as a strong woman to keep me in line. I am very interested in talking with you about this lifestyle. I also think that I love to be dominated and punished by being made to wear thick cloth diapers and plastic pants and humiliated by your friends.
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littleboy1994 wrote abdlmommycrissy
me want mommy crissy to change me so me tan snuggle wit her
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Boubo wrote abdlmommycrissy
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abdlmommycrissy added new blog post

do you have a favorite day of the week you like to wear diapers?
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abdlmommycrissy added new blog post

love when i change my abdl and he's all snuggled up in mommy's arms afterwards in his fresh new diaper!
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abdlmommycrissy added new blog post

what is your little age that you like to play when you are in little space?
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abdlmommycrissy added new blog post

do you prefer when a mommy spanks you bare bottom or over your diaper?
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