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I am a funloving,longtime abdl looking to chat,meet and experience abdl,ageplay fun with women and couples... love most all aspects of abdl and would love to chat(talk) with music,art and outdoors...

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12 days ago
allydiapeez info
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12 days ago
allydiapeez wrote
I Love my wife...:)
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allydiapeez wrote
So my Wife says to me..It's cold today, you can't go outside, so I guess you'll have to stay inside and watch cartoons and "Wear your Diapers!"..?..I said OK, if i Have too honey..:(..Although she has always been(mostly) fine with my Diapers throughout our entire 24 yrs together, She never has really been too Keen on being involved (although she tried it with me a few times early on), but and lets me do and play how and with who I want to, as She(We) cannot have sex anymore as it is painful to Her..... see more She loves Me as I do her Very much as we get older she has begun to excitingly supprise me with such wonderful little comments ..So you can imagine, naturally, that rite Now! I'm in the Biggest,Most Thickest Diapers with several pairs of Noisy, Soft Plastic pants, I have ever Had to Wear!..Uh Oh! I feel an unstoppable urge to Gooo!..Oh no!..Too late..Guess I'll be in theze ALL nite!..:(
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15 days ago
allydiapeez commented on a photo

Those Diapers are Soo exactly what i love about  Cloth Diapeez n plastic pantz..and being abdl..:)

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22 days ago
allydiapeez commented on a photo

Now Thoze  are Cute n Very wubbable Diapewwz!..MMMmm..:)

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allydiapeez is now friends with Pavpants
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allydiapeez commented on a video

Looks n sounds Soo Wonderfully Stinky!..:)

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allydiapeez wrote
Anyone that particularly enjoys the wonderful Smells associated with abdl Diapering, Bedwetting and me..let's chat..I have many fun tales..:)
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allydiapeez commented on a photo

Such a Cute Thickly Diapered Baby Girl..Underneath those soft  tightly rubbing Diaper Jammies..:)

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