Caring Daddy looking for a Baby Girl to care for and cherish.

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Vanilla me

I like walks in the outdoors, hiking, camping, 4WDriving and just getting out there to see what nature has to offer. I also like a nice quiet night in having dinner and watching a movie, or the odd  night out with friends or family. I like humour and silliness and see the funny side in everything, even if that means pushing the boundary's a bit.

I am honest, caring, friendly, easy going and spontaneous and try to make the most of life. I don't hold grudges, life's to short for that, and I value people who are honest and trustworthy.

 Clubbing and the like, is not my thing, I’d much prefer to catch up around a backyard bonfire or BBQ and have a couple of drinks with friends or family and have a good laugh.

 I am looking for a woman who shares similar views and whom I can have fun and enjoy life with.
I’m not interested in anything casual. I'm looking for a relationship, something real, something long term.

 I am looking for woman who is interested in any, but not necessarily all of the following things. A woman to explore things with, things we both enjoy. A woman who likes to have structure and rules and someone to please and try hard for. A little. A submissive. Someone who is kinky. A nappy girl. Someone who enjoys spanking, restraints and any number of other things. An adult who sucks a dummy. Someone who wants to learn, grow, laugh and cry together.

 I live to be a good Daddy Dom, to always be there for my Baby Girl. I’m definitely not claiming to be perfect but I can definitely say that I will do anything to keep her happy, safe and content. What matters is that you have a say and need not be fearful or inhibited about saying no.

 I feel having rules and structure is very important, but they are discussed together, haggled together, sat as two equals, two adults in the boardroom. You as the Baby Girl have the power to veto Daddy's desire to have a rule, but we would discuss it, and the final say would be as much yours as mine.

 kinky me

Many people think as a Daddy Dom we can’t experience anything similar to sub space because we have to stay in charge and on top of things all the time, and this is true, but we can experience similar in terms of a kind of letting go, the breaking down of barriers, both your own and hers. Watching a sub respond to you, knowing what each word you say or each stroke of the paddle will do, is a high that’s hard to describe. A high, like you’re being amplified, you’re in the zone. You feel stronger yet you feel a connection with her that is more intimate than ever. A heightened sense of awareness, like you’re in her mind and you lose track of time, the space around us gets fuzzy and external issues fade into the background.

Submission is a gift and it is not true submission if the sub has no other choice. If they are trapped, if they can’t walk away, if they can’t say “I don’t wish to obey you anymore” then they are not giving control, they are having it taken from them. A true Dom can not take advantage of his sub because a true sub can walk away.

 This might sound strange to some people, but I think the concept of therapy spanking can be a good idea at the right time. A therapy spankings is about emotional release, a comforting thing. Helping my Baby Girl/Submissive focus on silence, zoning out, breathing to let herself break down and cry. Yes you're crying because it hurts, but you're also crying a lot of other tears that need to be let out too. This spanking isn’t about cummies it’s about so much more. It is about knowing you are being protected, knowing you are loved, and the most powerful thing of all is the need to be safe yet being broken. To feel the pain, yet to know it comes from love. To have Daddy spank you and hurt you and give you that release, but also to hold you and stroke your hair when he is done.

Watching a sub respond to your words, your actions, helping her body start that chemical rush her body creates, to lead to that quiet deep place, that silent controlled escape called subspace is truly beautiful and mindblowing . To have a woman you care for so much, and they trust you just as much to know the pain you will give them, know you can read their body, build it up, push them, respond to them for so long the impacts hurt. You know they like that first part just as much as subspace. The part where they feel each blow rush through their whole body. Pain is the release with a therapy spanking, yet tears and subspace are equally brilliant places for a funishment to take you too.

Funishments can be a strange thing, some Baby girls/Submissives think they need to play up to get a punishment., but there is a big difference between a punishment, and funishment. Funishments can happen often, even be asked for, but punishment should be something they never want to earn. She should find pleasure in trying to be a good girl for funishments, not play up looking for a punishment.

Funishments are the most wonderful thing in the world, helping her relax, helping her let go of her emotions. You can see the place her head goes, that big empty white room, but she also gets to be hurt and be mindfucked, to be treated like a baby or a pet or a toy. She gets to feel pain and fear, and knows she is most safe when she’s totally reliant on Daddy to look after her. When she is vulnerable to him, he treats you with such respect and watches over you so closely so that It’s only hurting you in ways that fill you with joy.

Everyone has their own way of being a Baby Girl, everyone is different. There isn’t a right or wrong way, But for me, to see a Baby girl doing everything she can to make Daddy proud is amazing, and there's nothing better than for a Baby Girl to earn a red bum through being a good girl.

There is also misconception that ageplay has to be non-sexual to be acceptable. Sure, non-sexual ageplay is great and I enjoy that with a Baby Girl, but I also enjoy what you might call sexual ageplay. Rolling BDSM and ABDL into a big fuzzy ball of nappies, spanking, colouring, handcuffs, sippy cups, restraints, cartoons, enemas, dummies and adult toys. All these things and more, enjoying adult kink with a Baby Girl as well as the agepaly side.

Sometimes baby time is required and sometimes spankies and fun are required. A Daddy listens to his Baby Girl and give her what she needs. She doesn't need to be naughty to get spankies. If she's good she can ask Daddy for spankies and she will likely get them. If she's bad she gets ouchies where the knowledge of Daddy’s disappointment hurts even more than the hand landing on her bum. 

I live to be her rock, the person who will be there forever, the person she looks to for Guidance, Structure, Support, Care and  Discipline. She is never too much trouble or too hard to handle. A Daddy is always proud of his Baby Girl, even when she messes up, and even when you think you've let Daddy down, you can know and get great comfort from the fact he still loves you just the same.

A Baby Girl doesn't need to be naughty to get Daddy’s attention. She doesn't need to be a brat to get a spank. Being naughty is no fun – you get punished without a warm up. Being good means you make Daddy smile and you can be funished almost on request.

However when mistakes, misjudgements and misbehaviour needs to be dealt with there are punishments, and a Daddy does it cos he loves his Baby Girl. I care for a Baby Girl enough to punish her, But I don't enjoy doing it (Yes I  do enjoy spanking her when she's been a good girl – but that’s a funishment and a totally different thing) I do it for her own good. Rules are there for a reason, and a Daddy and his Baby Girl chose the rules together. As a Daddy I have the willingness to enforce them, but if they don’t mean as much to her as they do me, then she would feel empty and meaningless. It is a partnership, Baby Girl craving them, and Daddy helping you keep to them. You need Daddy and his control, but know that Daddy needs you just as much. Of course during all aspects of the Dynamic and lifestyle you always have a safeword, and you have a voice, and In fact one of the most important rules is that as a Daddy I have to listen to my Baby Girl.

Punishments aren't always spankings, they are made to fit the crime. Sometimes spanking, sometimes corner time, sometimes it might be writing lines or any number of other things. If a punishment is earned it is important to know that once you've taken your punishment, all is forgiven, it is over and done with and won’t be held against you and won't be brought up again, of course there will be aftercare, but after that it won't be mentioned.

We all live this lifestyle differently where you can be your WHOLE self and not just an ‘adult’ and not just a ‘baby’.The ‘adult’ is as important as the ‘baby’ and they have equal weighting in the phrase adult baby’. Being a submissive Baby Girl doesn't mean you can't go out and still have fun as adult. You work and do adult things were the behaviours may not be there, but the character still is. It's a part of their entire life, not just an act they put on when in the company of the right person. It's an escape in that when you immerse fully in it, it goes to another level of being little at which point you feel so happy, peaceful and content.

It's an escape, a therapy, Joy, Peace it sets you free

I always find time for the people who make the efforts with me. So if you feel that we may get along or you'd like to chat, please send a message. It would be great to hear from you.

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