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The search for a parental partner continues. I'm trying to focus on the process, instead of the goal. This way I meet new people I may not have met otherwise who I really like just for who they are.  Of course I still dream of finding a mommy, ideally who would also be my friend (and not just a parental figure) who will treat me as the baby that I long to be. I just love the fantasy of being in full baby attire, wearing cloth diapers and plastic baby panties, wearing a cute baby dress or top, either pink or yellow, sometimes white, and snuggling up to mommy and hearing her whisper things in my ear like, "I know someone who loves wearing diapers..." or "I'm going to check my baby's diaper now, what do you think of that?" I believe there is much more power in a whisper than there is in a shout.

As an older adult baby i have many interests, each of which makes me who I am, a complete person. I am not so easily defined. But I feel as though I am truly myself, and being most true to myself, when I am wearing a diaper, pinned on by a pair or two of cutie pie diaper pins with a pair of plastic baby panties, in full regression mode, and uttering baby talk with a pink bow in my hair.

I wear only cloth diapers and plastic baby panties, the thicker the the diaper gets thicker the baby gets younger! I am a naturally nurturing person and am seeking a partner who cannot help but be nurturing as well. And because I choose not to void those adult parts of who I am, my fantasy partner must accept who I am when I'm not a baby (please see my interests list in my profile). Some call people like me a "sissy baby" and I would not deny that I am a sissy baby, but more accurately I am an adult baby girl. Yes, I have a diaper fetish and wearing baby clothing is woven into my sexuality, so I honor that part of myself. I would not be a good candidate for wearing diapers and baby clothing 24/7, nor would I ever wish to be forced to wear a chastity device. That is not who I am in the least.

I am male, but I identify as female and am politically a left-leaning feminist moderate. I have many interests most people ascribe to males but also love to do things that are more female oriented, such as some crafting. I do not live to wear diapers or to be a baby, but these are things just come naturally to me. I've been enjoying for a long time and would be devastated if anyone ever told me I couldn't do them any more. That's how important this lifestyle is to me.

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8 days ago
babyrexi commented on a photo

Oh, how cushy and pillowy and lovely....

Cloth Diapers/Plastic Pants
Cloth Diapers/Plastic Pants
8 days ago 0 likes 10 comments 10 comments
babyrexi commented on a photo

love this one!

04.18.2020 0 likes 6 comments 6 comments
babyrexi commented on a photo

The only thing left to do is use a bit of depilatory on your legs and you'd be the perfect sissy package!! ;)


04.15.2020 0 likes 5 comments 5 comments
babyrexi commented on a photo

This is an OMG!!! Dress!!! Where did you get it? And just look at what you are wearing underneath....soooo sweet!!

04.15.2020 0 likes 5 comments 5 comments
babyrexi commented on a photo

omg, you are sooooo cutie pies!!

04.09.2020 0 likes 7 comments 7 comments
babyrexi commented on a photo

just soooo darling!

22 8 10 (2)
22 8 10 (2)
04.09.2020 0 likes 5 comments 5 comments
babyrexi is now friends with swingsetgirl
04.07.2020 0 likes 0 comments 0 comments
babyrexi commented on a photo

giggly cute!

04.06.2020 0 likes 3 comments 3 comments
babyrexi commented on a photo

soooo adorable! I want that top!! (ok, ok, so i'll never be THAT cute....giggles)

04.02.2020 0 likes 5 comments 5 comments