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I especially enjoy meeting other sissy babies and baby gurls over 50 who enjoy wearing and wetting cloth diapers and plastic baby panties as I do.

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babyrexi is now friends with allydiapeez
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babyrexi commented on a photo

VERY nice, Darling!

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oh my gosh yes....mmmmm.....someone must be one very happy little baby gurl at her nursery.....wish i could come pway wif you too!

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i adore my vinyl baby panties, esp. yellow ones. i'm a cloth diaper baby and i think cloth diapers go with plastic baby panties best because of how babyish they look and how snuggwies they make me feel....giggles...

hey #abdl lovers whats your favorite kind of #diaper cover plastic or rubber pants?
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of course i would simply do as mommy  preferred. but in private i love wearing satin bloomers and baby dolls and dresses. my favorite onesies are pink. my ribbon for my paci is pink and so are my favorite tops and baby panties. i'm not as much a sissy baby as an adult baby girl. some people think t here's as difference, not sure, but i do know that when i'm in my baby clothes i identify strictly as female, which isn't too far away from my daily adult persona. xoxo

I was wondering just how many of you babies out there absolutely love to dress up just as girly and as frilly as you can. Do you like to wear pastel onesies, suck on pink paci's, or go all out with dresses with fluffy petticoats? Let me know!
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i totally agree....the pantied life is the only life for me.....giggles...

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such a sweet lil her darling outfit.....mmmm...

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Love your new onesie, sweetie! oh, that is soooo gorgeous and babyish! or is that a romper, little one? sooooo very pretty on you!

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