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I am back in diapers again.  I kinda have this fetish with diapers for a long time.  I had a bed wetting issue before in my early teens.  I grow out of it but continued to wear and use diapers all the time.  Not sure why I like to wear and wet a diaper.  But it brings me a great feeling sensation when I pee in a diaper.  My parents and friends and Family know I wear diapers but they think I still have issues at night wetting not knowing I don''''t and wear and wet on purpose now.  It doesn''''t really phase them at all.  Great to see so many people love diapers as much as I do.

You can Chat with me At Sorry I dont use yahoo messenger only email

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13 days ago
babybabyboy23 wrote backindiapers
hey mommy am diaper boy a, looking for mommy to will be her toy forever i dont care what happen to me i just want to be with u this my email
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lilsnyder wrote backindiapers
Just wanted to comment on how beautiful you are.
10.04.2015 0 likes 0 comments 0 comments
lilsnyder wrote backindiapers
Feel free to chat anytime, Very nice Picture.
09.03.2015 0 likes 0 comments 0 comments