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Hello I'm a baby in Michigan looking for friends and maybe more. I've been into this lifestyle for a while it keeps me from stressing out. If anyone needs a friend or playmate please let me know. Tanks
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Ben Today is Sunday got awoken by the urge to poop bad I Jew it was a big one I haven't gone for 2 days
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Looking for people I'm Tennessee or near me to chat with or anybody
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This is a true story about a day when I was 11-12 years old having to wear diapers to go tobogganing when it was a snow day.
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Adult diapers for men have changed the ways in which they are handling the different signs and symptoms of incontinence. Stay fresh; stay comfortable with these coveted products for many.
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hello i am going to start making diaper punishment stories comment if you want them
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My Diaper Fantasies
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Deep sensitivities