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Wold be fun to talk to other Minnesota diaper friends I'm in southern Minnesota be cool to find close to have diaper play date.
pooper 10 minutes ago 0 1

how many like to play a bit of suppository roulette? You know, stick a couple in, get your nappy and plastic pants on, and then carry out an errand and see if you can hold out until you get home? i don't often poop my Terry nappies but do enjoy it sometime
Babyb1968 5 days ago 0 29

Hi would you like to have your own baby bag to put all your goodies in.. I make an design personalize baby bags what ever you want on your baby bag i can make it happen for you!  So if you're interested email me [email protected]
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Onesies are being discontinued they’re having a sale on their inventory of what they’re discontinuing.
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I love the holidays, but now they are over and the kids are back to school, I can get my nappies out of hiding and relax with a good soaking. 7 weeks is such a long time not to feel the comforting bulk of a fresh soft terry nappy, encased in some plastic p
Babyb1968 09.06.2018 2 108

To all mothers that like adult babies. I am a sweet orphan baby boy that has memory loss and I am still a virgin as I have never found anyone to love me as what I am, I have been in hospital most of my time and been kept on the baby ward as I am a baby tha
Aorphanbaby 09.03.2018 1 139

Drako's Art Contest - September 2018   The Latest Winner is: Hey big boy! - by emsfan94 -   Now for this month:   Nomination Theme: Broken Condoms   Voting Theme: Threesomes   Nomination and Voti
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Yesterday was mostly spent doing touristy stuff. We started off at the London Eye. From there we went to have lunch on Oxford Street, followed by a refreshing walk through Hyde Park to the Science Museum.  Having spent far too little time there, we rushed
mdlno 08.23.2018 0 99

So, in spite of a bit of temperature this morning, and a headache from a clogged nose and a bad neck, I went to Windsor today. I spent time with family so no flamboyant antics, but I've been wearing double DryNites for most of the day, removing one of them
mdlno 08.21.2018 0 90

So, I've somehow ended up in London. Sunbury-on-Thames to be a bit more precise. My first day here has been a bit down to be honest. I've been keeping to my hotel room mostly; as I've had a bit of a cold. It seems to be passing but I am still quite warm. I
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