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Ok come on guys I been talking with some guys not saying names but I'm tired of always getting the nasty bs about your diaper is warm and I'm gonna shove it your face and demanding shit I'm tired and you guys need to go some were else because you sound  li
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Drako’s Art Contest - July 2019   The latest winner is: Whip it. Now whip it good! - by Morgana -   Now for this month:   Nomination Theme: Scat   Voting Theme: Hosting parasites
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A little history. almost 2 decades ago I was dumped by my at the time gf. No biggie right? I mean I was around 16? Well, out of the blue she contacts me on facebook all these years later. No, not to say something like surprise you have a kid you didn't kno
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My hearts pounding my equilibrium jolts at how nervous i was. Sitting two feet from one of my best friends. I purposely worr a thick diaper in hopes she'd see it an say sumthing but she didnt and i had said i wanted to talk to her. When i kept stalling she
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hi I'm a little looming for a daddy dom.  I have had some bad experiences which now make it hard to go fully into my little space but I am a little at heart so I am willing to try again.  If you want to talk my kik is lilSunshine2020
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I want a mama or dad to nurture me  baby me put me to sleep cuddle me feed me give me baba and put suckie in my mouth before I sleep and change me ect and treat me like baby even in public 
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Furry Hatred   So, before I begin, I want you all to listen to this:   Now I'm hearing that 2 is being called out as a bad person for not being PC. But 2 is a _comedian_ How many comedians are PC
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Drako's Art Contest - June 2019   The latest winner is: [COMM] A Searing Pawjob (Nude, No Cum) - by Feralmoonlight -   Nomination Theme: Hosting parasites   Voting
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Although it does not receive the attention it deserves, the urinary tract is one of the most important systems in the body. Many people learn about the intricate function of the urinary tract, only when something goes wrong. In most cases, that something t
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I've not long joined this site, and in my first few hours I was beautifully on more than one occasion
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