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I am a 24 year old male in the East Texas area looking for a ABDL girl looking to adopt and have a relationship. 
Aspie1996 Yesterday 0 9

I recently just started ABDL. I'm having a very hard time wetting myself at night while I'm asleep. is it something that just eventually happens or is it something I have to train myself to do. did you happen to ever have this problem if so leave comments
jamesbondme007 7 days ago 0 59

I'm a 49 yr old DL that walked away from the feelings and desires for the last 10 yrs.  Realized it was part of what was causing my major depression during the time.  I had a lot of losses in my life, esp in 2005 and then again in 2009-2010, so I fell apar
dldaddy2020 10 days ago 0 60

My trip went well. Had a good time hiking around with a old friend of mine. The part that I wish I could have had fun was the drive up there and back. I put out that I was going to Oregon a month before I went in hoping to meet up with someone else and pla
Justwantadiaper 10 days ago 0 43

I will be returning to Arizona for Oregon this Saturday and once again I will be traveling through Kalamath Falls to Reno to Las Vegas and finally Phoenix. I am still hoping to meet up with someone and play while wearing diapers.
Justwantadiaper 10.07.2020 0 54

3 days of submission (72hr min. duration) locked in a dress. I spent 3 days wearing the dress I took pictures of me in & recently posted on my profile. The dress has steel cables threaded thru the waistline, the crotch, & the neckline so that it
WV_ABDL_Switch 10.03.2020 0 145

This started as a spark of imagination, a simple idea on how to begin a punishment scenario, and in an instant my dominant and submissive personality just ran with it and it happened to play out almost as if it was happening in front of me but it was in my
WV_ABDL_Switch 10.03.2020 0 67

I am heading out to Oregon through Las Vegas and then up to Reno to Kalamath Falls today. I have no one to meet up with along the way to stop by and play while wearing diapers. I am very saddened
Justwantadiaper 10.01.2020 0 62

I will be traveling to and from Oregon on October 1st and returning to Arizona October 11. I will be going through Las Vegas up to Reno then to Kalamath Falls. I will like to stop along the way and play with someone around the city's I am going through. Pl
Justwantadiaper 09.16.2020 1 136

I am a baby boy that has never had a real mother of my own and looking to find myself a real true mommy that would have me and treat me as her true six month old baby boy. What I want is to have a true mother and baby relationship and NO sexual relationshi
Aorphanbaby 09.14.2020 1 164