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Okay, now I haven't really outted myself, and I don't THINK I crossed any lines but oh well here we go. So, I have a female coworker. We get along, we joke around and when we were working the same job, we worked together more often than not because well sh
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Hi my name is Ryan  looking for someone to read tha looking for someone to read that does sex wit looking for someone to head that does sex with don't care what kind if it's a male or female please message me if you are interested so I can put my emails fo
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Drako's Art Contest - July 2018The latest winner is:Potion Enchanting; Side Effects Include- - Runa216 - for this month:Nomination Theme: Femboys     Voting Theme:Foxes
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All I want to do is be a baby girl 24/7 and make my Princess happy.  Message me to hear all my stories. 
IAmABabyGirl 06.25.2018 0 57

do you have a favorite day of the week you like to wear diapers?
abdlmommycrissy 06.25.2018 1 44

do you like to get changed in public by a mommy?
DommeMommyAva 06.24.2018 3 63

i love going on abdl outtings especially in the summer!
DommeMommyAva 06.15.2018 0 75

love when i change my abdl and he's all snuggled up in mommy's arms afterwards in his fresh new diaper!
abdlmommycrissy 06.15.2018 1 66

A personal update...       So, many of you are probably wondering what happened to me.   Why I have not been too active online, or why I mostly just seem to login to RP these days.   Why suddenly I seem to focus a a few people vs my larger network of frien
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GDPR Update       We're sure many of you have noticed several changes to the sites you frequent.   Almost all of them are updating their Privacy Policies and updating scripts to inform you of their usage of cookies.       We wanted to update all users of o
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