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“I just want to be held!  Held by big arms and told it’s gonna be ok!  I wanna feel that love!  When we hug I feel this great energy between us!  When we kiss it’s like the world behind us don’t exist! I want that love I need that love!  You look down at m
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Drako's Art Contest - November 2019   The latest winner is: Fart Blast - by SpritzTheSkusky -   Now for this month:   Nomination Theme: Rape   Voting Theme: Castra
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I came home to find my son hadn’t emptied the dishwasher like he knows he’s supposed it. I don’t ask much of him for fuck sake! His chores are easy and expected to be done before I get home. I stormed to his room, determined to punish his growing ass. As a
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We have been keeping track of our domains on FreeDNS and have noted there has been a need to move all sites to new domains.   Drako's Den and Drako's Playground are the only affected sites.   The domain server FreeDNS has been working on server maintenance
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Oh, you are one naughty, little boy. Perhaps you are in need of one of Mommy’s “Special Spankings“. Bare bottom of course and as I walk around you admiring how handsome my baby boy is, I notice that cock twitching and throbbing. Only Mommy has that effect
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I love my adult babies so much. And there is nothing I like better to do than give you some tender loving care and all the attention you deserve! Come visit Mommy Jasmine’s nursery and let us play some fun ADBL games!  My  soothing voice will relax you and
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Cloth diapers are a smart move in this economy. Everyone needs to do their part in keeping mother earth healthy! We only have one planet, after all. There’s far too much plastic in our rivers and oceans as it is. You aren’t selfish enough to need to potty
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Young man, I cannot believe you’d do this to mommy!  We were supposed to have a fun day at the pumpkin patch, but you couldn’t listen to mommy, could you?  Mommy told you not to run around the pumpkin displays, but you did, didn’t you?  And then what happe
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I know you long to return to a simple, carefree time. You long to dwell in that happy place where you knew complete safety, security and love. Well, you can go there, baby! Because now you have discovered Mommy Jasmine’s Adult Baby Regression Hypnosis. You
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You have been such a naughty boy. Sneaking into mommy’s bedroom and doing such bad things there. When I caught you of course you attempted to deny everything. What other choice did I have other than to punish my baby boy? Pulling your diaper down and expos
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