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do you prefer when a mommy spanks you bare bottom or over your diaper?
abdlmommycrissy 05.27.2018 6 56

do you swim in your diapers? what's your favorite brand for when you go swimming?
DommeMommyAva 05.26.2018 1 48

My name is Thomas and I'm a orphan. I'm still single and a virgin and with some memory lose. I never found anyone to like me for what I am. I've been looking for a mommy or a couple to have me as their baby for a long  term relationship just as their baby
Aorphanbaby 05.26.2018 0 22

Hi All, My name is Bobbie and i'm a 49 year old diaper wearing male. I'd love to meet other diapered folks in my area...especially females. Mommy and Domme-Mommies too! Thanks and Peace Bobbie
wetbobbie 05.25.2018 0 17

can't wait to see what all my abdl family is up to!
DommeMommyAva 05.19.2018 0 27

nothing gets me happier than changing adult diapers!
DommeMommyAva 05.16.2018 0 39

what abdl adult diaper are you wearing today?
abdlmommycrissy 05.15.2018 5 68

i'm mommy ava and i love being a domme mommy!
DommeMommyAva 05.15.2018 0 56

Hi, I am a diaper lover looking for others in Orlando Florida. 
jh5062 05.12.2018 0 34

                                                                    My First Baby Song   Oh, I wanna be a baby every day, every day. Yes, I wanna be a baby every day, every day. How I wish I had a daddy who would make me be a baby Cuz I wanna be a baby eve
nopotty1967 05.08.2018 0 47