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Drako's Art Contest - May 2018The latest winner is:Time stops and it's simply you and me~ - AeylinFaith - Theme:ReproducingVoting Theme:HyenasNomination and Voting Deadline: June 1
jmac32here 05.03.2018 0 32

So, this isn't just a flat out chat only site. See, we have things here like blogs where you can vent, or give others insight into your life, just ramble about random things and whatever floats your boat or sinks someones battleship. Then we have oh I don'
liljester 04.28.2018 2 56

okay first off, no I'm not trying to get people to tune in or subscribe. Why? Because, it's nothing. No, seriously, I've had a channel for years and just really never bothered to put anything on it. I'm debating if I should..... Don't want to put myself pa
liljester 04.17.2018 0 49

So, I've spent the last 2 weeks or so watching stuff on my amazon. I know I used to say why buy prime....and then I got hooked on the streaming. So anyways, me being a tv and  film dork yeah I'm hooked and well the latest series I watched, Third Rock from
liljester 04.14.2018 1 74

what time do you abdls like to be in bed by? does your mommy give you a specific time?
DommeMommyAva 04.13.2018 2 83

what's your favorite type of baby food?
abdlmommycrissy 04.13.2018 0 78

what's the thickest adult diaper you've ever tried on?
abdlmommycrissy 04.10.2018 11 160

A child until my mid teens I was a bed wetter. Then 10 years ago I started bed wetting again. I had great support from my then girlfriend who was the one who said wear nappies would be a good idea. While I was able to talk about things with her openly I st
OZBWDL 04.08.2018 1 119

Drako's Art Contest - April 2018   The latest winner is: [Katsuke] - Contest Winners - by SharkBiteBunny -   This Month:   Nomination Theme: Hyenas   Voting Theme: S
jmac32here 04.02.2018 0 78

These are the things that mommy does and thinks about when I am ab free and all alone ;)   Feeling Sexy I love the feeling of feeling sexy. I make sure everyday to do something that makes me feel sexy. It could be putting on “mood music”, wearing somethin
mommynamedsusan 03.23.2018 2 121