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What a day! Today we had a play date with 5 ABy's while the mommy's enjoyed an afternoon of sun, lemonade and exchanging the different stages of our ABies. There were toys everywhere, they had so much fun together. One of the AB's is pretty naughty and he
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I'm a 25 year old male from the south east of England. Looking for a baby girl or just someone who enjoys wearing nappies. Females only please
Jamesw1991 05.29.2017 0 97

Wow oh wow look at all of these very cute adult babies I just want to give each and every one of them big mommy kisses and hugs! I love giving nice diaper changes and sweet bubble baths too all of my little's! but don't get me wrong I am very dominant and
mommyTawny 05.29.2017 0 121

What have we become???Before we begin, I want you all to watch this:, now you're back...This is in response to recent events sorrounding the furry fandom, and the cons we call our own:
jmac32here 05.27.2017 1 90

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let everyone know me and my wife also AB/DL share a blog on Tumblr. We post original content and things we like in the AB/DL community. We're new to social media and a little shy. Come view and like our page Diapered Adventures
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hello sorry I did not in I have limited messenges but you can Kik me at gay_abdl_fox_boy I also will be a mommy
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This is a test
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I'm looking for a Mommy in Chicago who's good with Pampers or who wants to be ;).   I'm single, fit, fun, very clean, playful, and sometimes naughty ;P   Please write :)
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hi I'm Luke I'm 19    i am looking for a mummy from the uk to baby me 247  put me in nappis  chage my nappy if wee or poo  Dres me in baby clothes  abd Brestfeed or bottle feed me    pepole are welcome from every we're if u can move to the uk       
Lukekeys123 05.05.2017 0 113

Hay all. I just wanted to say hi. If you wanna talk to someone just message me here. I'd love to talk. im a dl and love to talk to people  
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