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Hi Everybody, Glad to be on I've been away from ABDL sites ever since the last one I was with shut down. Just want to tell everyone what to expect. First I'll talk about my blogs. I will have random blog topics every now and then, but I'll
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I was awoken. By a urge  to go. this morning I was in a soaked diaper and need to change I knew this was a huge one Not It going for days I quickly change got on a pull up out I went I live in a resort in the north and in the winter it's pretty deserted 4
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I'm interested to hear about what kind of punishments all the babies like. Do you like a firm lecture, a little humiliation, or just a good hard spanking on that little bottom?
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looking for people to chat with an meet if ur near Tennessee kik me at thooper837
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The advantages of buying the most absorbent pull-ups for overnight use are way too many to attract you into trying one for your own comfort.    
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Looking to meet new people join our kik group. It is open to all boys and girls of all ages. Hope to talk to you soon.
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Do you like to be swaddled in a blanket? Do you need your Mommy to nurse you with her big fat nipples, her large fat bottles of milk?  I like to show off my baby to all my friends and show them how good little baby is... Change your diaper in public. May
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coment if you want diaper punishment stories
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Are you a adult baby who still makes poopy in your diaper?  Don’t you think its time to learn to use the potty?  You’re not going to be a baby forever you know, baby has to be potty trained sooner or later and it’s become way later for you.  Don’t you worr
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