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am wondering to anybody who lives there how is the Elyria Ohio area? is there lot's to do there and see? i am already as mentioned searching apartments in the Elyria Ohio area and found some results already some are 1 bedroom some 2 bedroom. i want to get
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So christmas came and went. I didn't really get anything more than a $25 gift card to amazon, that's more than I got last year. I already have one new onesie (the ARRRR change me booty) and I like it. See, it's not easy for me to buy onesies for a few reas
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So, It's a good thing that I am off work today because I just made a HUGE mistake. As I've stated in the past few blogs, I have been having panic attacks real bad. With all the medication I'm on, they've settled down for the most part but still pop up now
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Merry ChristmasFirst and foremost,  I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe new year.(For my kinky friends, thats a Murry Yiffmas and a happy Nude Deer.)I hope all is well with you all.So this year has brought me some new changes:1:
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If anyone 19 and wants to talk please message me
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I have posted this elsewhere over the years but you might not have seen it. This is a description of my first sexual experience in diapers as well as my reaction to it in a three-day period. It's long, so the tl;dr version is: every single orgasm I've had
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What is it that I want, what am I looking for? Is it just to fulfill a carnal desire, to get off, to just fulfill a fantasy? No. If it was the case, if that's honestly all I was interested in and wanted, then I would just call a phone a mommy. I mean, that
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so to start a little about me. I' Trans m2f. I have a letter from a doc and have been prescribed hrt. Though, I can no longer a afford them. I'm 5' 7, 145lb, and 27 yrs old.  I wear diapers and want to live my life as a baby girl. It not necessarily a sexu
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Are you a #diaper boy that needs to be punished? I am #mommy that will make you do just what she wants. Now be a good boy and bend over for your hot #MILF that you want to have fun with! 
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Drako's Art Contest - December 2017   The latest winner is: inktober 2017 fierce - by Howlfeiwolf -   Now for this month:   Nomination Theme: Panthers   Voting Theme: Masculine Males   Nominat
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