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Okay so, when you are a streaming company here's a tip. Make sure your streams work. Second tip? Make sure your customer service people actually read the damn emails.   I am a member on funimation and that's how I watch most of my anime. Okay, that's how I
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I get that everyone here either wears diapers, likes wetting (or messing) or likes making others wear. I mean, that's why I am here afterall, because I wear for medical need. Anyways, it gets really old really fast that that is the only thing people care t
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Drako's Art Contest - August 2017   The latest winner is: OOOOOOOoooooh dear bears - by Hatarla -   This month's Nomination Theme: Horse Cock   This month's Voting Theme: Kangaroos
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All new Drako's Den and Playground   So, we spent some time and rebuilt both sites with a new responsive layout that works on all devices.   We also refocused both sites so now we have:   Drako's Den (18+) - Get Kinky A fetish and kink friendly community w
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I'm feeling so conflicted. So most who know me know that I am a very kind, loving, and nurturing mommy. I love my ABies and love teaching them things. Well, I have one AB and I know that he intentionally does the things that really get under my skin. For i
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Feature Update   I wanted to update everyone on the remote chastity feature I added to my site, Drako's Den. (   I have made some updates allowing users with a range of messengers to be my key holder.  All the messengers on the list
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A focus change and in search of...   As a part of my desire to educate to masses, and as a reason for creating Drako's Den (and Playground):   I have decided to shift the focus of the site ever so slightly to ensure that visitors are aware that we are a Fe
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So this is going up because its fairly hard for me to come up with a description of myself on the spot. That and I don't appear to make it obvious that I am looking for someone :P.   --   So I am looking and this is me :). I am sort of little but with extr
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Just filled  my nappy never fails to make me smile!!
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I am having a little bit of a dilemma here. I am trying to decide how many times I should allow my ab to wet his diaper before I change him. Sometimes, I let him pee pee 3 times before a changing. Sometimes less if he has a leaky diaper and alot of pee :).
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