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hi/ sub closet sissy. just secretly interested in becoming friends with a female that has similar interests. im very much kind of submissive though but interested in feminization/sexy little bikini diapers I like as much as little pantys. luv to here from
sissykrisy 09.30.2016 0 179

Good morning my sweet baby, today we ave a busy day! First lets get you up and have a new diaper on you! So lay down on you hot pink changing table and slide off your pajama pants followed by your shirt and plastic panties. Then I am going to undo the left
littleMommyJaney 09.28.2016 2 279

Oh I see you hiding in your closet. Why!? What have you done. You know mommy hates when you are a bad little boy. No one wants to spank a cutie pit but I will. I have a very special paddle just for naughty little hoodlums like you! Now come out of there
SweetDiaperGoddess 09.16.2016 0 195

Yeah they pretty much nailed it... == Results from == 100% Rope bunny 99% Submissive (99% is good, right?)96% Degradee 95% Masochist (Ouch!)93% Slave 88% Experimentalist 86% Primal (Prey) (I never quite looked at it that way..)78% Non-monogami
xander 09.14.2016 2 184

So I recently made the not so easy decision to go 24/7 (well as close as I can get). I went 24/7 a few years ago when I was laid off and it was great. Now I have to change it up a bit, but think it still works. The only exception I will make is that I will
xander 09.13.2016 3 269

Anyone fancy meeting up for a pint / coffee / lunch in Edinburgh on Tues 27 Sept as I'm travelling up to see that great little display of nappies and rubbers in the childhood museum again. Good chance to wear some padding anyway!
tibsy 09.12.2016 0 107

Well look at you all happy and playing in your cute dress that you're abdl mommy bought you! I just love watching you play with your toys! Since you been such a great little girl for mommy, you deserve a present! so why don't i get your diaper change and w
littleMommyJaney 09.12.2016 1 228

Three days ago I move my mum dropped me off at a friend's house because I did not have a bed . "Hey Olive do you want to go to the store".Shelley said  "Umm sure , I guess, why not let me get my coat", I said since it was the middle of December. "Hurry up
diapered_baby 09.11.2016 1 191

  warning  bad grammar and  slight sexual content* *           Me you will leave me after you get bored or I will make a mistake and you will leave me       Mommy don’t you ever say that Mommy loves you more than you could ever know your my boy forever and
middleforMommy 09.04.2016 0 188

Listen here princess mommy isn’t going to let you keep wetting your bed! You know what mommy’s going to do about this? First I am going to pull you over my knee and give you forty swats on your sweet sissy bottom. Maybe you will learn not to wet your bed!
littleMommyJaney 09.04.2016 1 210