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2015 and 16 my time liveing under total control 24/7 by my mommy/domme

My frist girlfriend after my divorce was Des it wasn't long before she became My Master/Mommy. We first mat at the Moto we were staying at. We become best friends and two months down the road she offered that we move in to the 1 bedroom apartment below her  Mom's house. At that time I was diaper most of the time using the toilot for poop. She was fine with my diapers and encouraged me to use them and help change me. I was spending a lot on the moto so I told her I will move in to the apartment. She told me I love you and I hope you will agree to this. I believe at our new house I will be in charge of how things go. And I would have to fellow her rules. I asked her how much the rent is and she told me $200 A month all bills included. Des said she likes the control she has and when's more. She look in My eye's will you submit to me Timmy. Tell me now or leave you will submit 100% total power control to me I will have total control over you. I already have control of you I just want you to give me complete control out of you own month. I told her I love her to and I see how much it makes her happy we have talked about all of this before and I do see she really want this.  I look at her and said will you take complete control of me I will submit to you my Master. She was happy and said thing are going to change fast. 

Two day's before we move in to are new home. we got up and she mead breakfast and we eat our food. When I was done I ask if I can use the bathroom for a poopy and she said no for now on my toilet is my diapers and I was forbidding from all bathrooms unless she or someone was with me and I have no reason to be in a bathroom because i am diaper full time. I will change you when you need to be change DO NOT ASK TO BE CHANGE BECAUSE I WILL NOT. Do you understand. Yes I told her. So I just push and mess my wet diaper. She was so happy that I just poop my diaper and give me praise. I'll change you after my shower I when you to get use to mess diapers become I won't always change you after you use your toilot so just sit and play you game. She get out of the bathroom and total me to get on the bed for my change. 

As I'm laying on the bed in nothing but a dirty diapers. Des tell me she is trying something new to day and she like it and I will have to get use to it because I don't have a choice. Do you have a choice  she ask me. I look at her and said no I don't have a choice you are the one to choose for me. She has me cleaned up and in New diapers. She tell me this is going to be part of my everyday outfitt holding up a pair of red pantyhose. She put them on me a she have me get up so she can look at my new pantyhose. You look adorable in them she ask me how I like my new pantyhose and I didn't care but looking in her face she was thrilled. I told her I love them and thank her. She said good because, are talk about sissy I when you to be my sissy baby boy. Do I have to be a sissy baby boy I asked. Yes you have no choice. I am serious Timmy when's we are moved I love you so much I will have total control over you. And you will do what I tell you to do. I Have learned and lot on Fat and Tumblr. I know you will obey and be obedient because you know I will give you a spanking. I  will have a no problem with obeying you you are my Master. Yes I am your Master and your mommy, I am your Mommy/Master. You are my property and I fully believe i own you to do whatever I when to do to you do you believe it Timmy. I didn't know what to say I just look at her. Who do you belong to Timmy? I look up and said I belong to you. 

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