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25M4A looking for an online mommy/daddy/cg

Hello everyone! I go by wolfgang and I'm a slim white male. I've been into diapers for the better part of a decade but have never had the opportunity to be the little. I've been a daddy once before but that's the total of my shared experience in this community. I do have a fairly busy life between work and school but my weekends are free and I'll make all the time I can for you the rest of the time. I am a smoker and spend a fair bit of time pretty lit listening to music or watching YouTube. I play video games (eft and other shooters/MMOs mainly) am working on a racecar, 3d print teeth for a living, I love to learn about new things technical and mechanical and am a huge aviation and space nerd. I'm working on becoming an aerospace technician and have a clear idea of where I want to take my life. My mental state is on a very slow but steady rise after my brain chemistry got wrecked many years ago. So I guess what im trying to say is I've got my crap together and am not looking to give you any baggage to carry. I am looking for the love, kindness, and overall support a dom can provide. There are things in life that I'm really bad at either remembering to do or making myself do in the first place so the extra motivation in that regard is certainly a perk I'm looking for. Basically the descipline that I can't provide myself, that's not to say I'm after someone strict, but I do want some sensible rules and some enforcement there of. Being able to exchange power in this relationship for the benefit and enjoyment of both parties. And to for it to be a pretty chill thing overall. But yeah I hope that this shows that I've got an at least somewhat level head on my shoulders. Looking exclusively for online and I'm super shy so it will be a text and picture experience for a while. But that's my cards on the table, please feel free to reach out via chat or dm. All over 18 are welcome, and if you want to slide into my dms guns blazing that's a okay. 


Limits include scat and watersports (excluding diaper use) blood, permanent body mods, feet, rimming (giving), moderate to severe pain, public humiliation, disfigurement, breath play, shock play, cbt, urethral play, etc. Just ask the worst I can say is no. 


 kinks, having to wait for checks and permission to change, pacis, plugs, made to hold a remote control wand over my diap until your satisfied, bondage, light spanking, occasionally anal, being made to wear with you in public (discreetly), cuddles, cunnilingus, roleplay, it's a long list, same just ask logic applies.


Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!

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