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A Orphan baby boy up for Adoption if you care.

I am a baby boy that has never had a real mother of my own and looking to find myself a real true mommy that would have me and treat me as her true six month old baby boy. What I want is to have a true mother and baby relationship and NO sexual relationship as all I am is a baby, and would love to be kept and treated as a six month old baby in your care. Would mommy like to have full Power and Rights over her new baby and be able to Control her baby as her real natural baby at home and even out in public with her. This baby boy is in diapers 24/7 forever and shall never try and remove them when with mommy, plus this baby has never eaten adult foods or snacks as all he has eaten is baby foods for 4 month to six months old baby foods and soft baby snacks as not got any teeth and I use natural baby bottle to drink from and I drink baby formulas and juices from the bottle. One thing that doesn't bother me one bit is if there is a couple with children that want's to have a baby like me in there family and treats me as a member of there family, or even a single mother looking for another baby also. Plus hope my real age is not a problem with them ever as all I am is a baby boy up for adoption.

Aorphanbaby 12 days ago 1 65
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