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A Orphan baby that will relocate anywhere in the world

I am a single virgin baby boy with some problems as I have some memory loss, dear in one ear, my speech is not good, and have some scared on my body. I have not had a real mother off my own as my mother was a teen that have me up for adoption and I never got anyone to have me as I had problems from growing out of diapers and eating baby food, at the normal age group for ten year old children I was still in diapers and eating baby food still and was made to wear baby clothes also and still no-one wanted to adopt me. From then to now I still have that problem still in diapers doing the same things and eating six month old baby food and drinking baby formula from a normal baby bottle and I started slowly move from it but found a part time cleaning job on a ward at a hospital and the ward was for mentally disable babies and children. I was just like the babies on that ward as the nurses kept a eye on me doing the job and if I need feeding or a change as the career I have came from that ward also and time to time I'm on the baby part of the ward dressed as a baby and put in a crib where there are many babies in the same room with a window where the mother's and nurses can keep a watchful eye on. The only down plot to it all now is that I'm 6 ft 7 =  201 cm tall and at the age of 38 with a kind of a six month old that stills wearing baby clothes and eating baby food and snacks and drinking baby formula from a normal baby bottle as save lots of money and even never tried to eat normal foods or drink for my age group. I thought to myself on founding a mommy that would have me for who I am and started the search and getting more things to blend in as a real normal baby.


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